Sunday, July 1, 2007

Eto'o still coming?

So sources today say that we may still yet bid for Samuel Eto'o. They are saying 20 million pounds will do it. I'd think we would have swapped him for Henry if we were really going to make this happen, but as I'm reporting the Arsenal news it needs to be said. While Eto'o is probably the best of the strikers we've been linked with in my mind, I don't think it will happen. If it does I'll be even more confused, because it would make no sense to give Barca all their cash back for Henry and more.

Barca: We'll take Henry, you get Eto'o, sound like a plan?
Arsene: Well I don't know if that's fair for you, he is our all time leading scorer ya know?
Barca: Ok then I guess if you want to throw an extra four million in...
Arsene: Ok deal, sounds good.

Yeah, confusing isn't it?

In other news, Arturo Lupoli has officially left the club and has joined Fiorentina. He never really did much for the club and spent last season on loan at Derby where he had a good enough year to warrant a return to Italy.

As I posted yesterday, Real Madrid are interested in keeping Jose Antonio Reyes, but they want him cheap, which isn't surprising. You rarely hear about teams asking if they can pay more for a player. Eventually I think we will let him go for cheap, but for now we are supposedly sticking with 9.5 million pounds for him. Some people are saying we should keep Reyes, but I don't think that's really an option. He doesn't want to play for Arsenal or live in London, so let's get him out as soon as possible.

Didier Drogba has opened his yap today, saying that Arsenal are no longer in the title race without Henry. If I was as ugly as him I'd try to stay out of the press personally. I really hope we beat those chavs next year.

Florent Malouda has been linked with us, but now says his intention is to move to Chelsea. He says he has spoken with Jose Mourinho and is keen on a move to Stamford Bridge. Best of luck you overrated twat.

And that's about it on the day. Hopefully some more news tomorrow. Cheers


Anonymous said...

i would really like eto'o, hes quick and can score goals, and is only 26 i think. apparently he said he wants to leave barcelona and wants to go to london so i can't c why we shouldn't go for him, altho its annoying that we might spend so much on him. signing him would also reasure us all that arsenal are going to be challenging for trophies next season.

ArseNole said...

I know he's good, but I just can't get over that price tag. That leaves us almost no money to buy a winger that we need and it just doesn't seem right to downgrade from Henry and spend more money.

Patrick said...

Drogba needs to shut the hell up. Thats not a good thing to say. Not a moral booster at all. Look how long we played without Henry this season. I have all the faith that we will go out and play our asses off.

Stevo said...

Forget Eto'o, Martins, Tevez... We have just signed Eduardo da Silva, Brazilian born striker who plays for Croatia and has scored 34 goals in 32 matches in the last season. Typical Wenger don't you think?