Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kroenke Eager to Have Talks With Board

Hello all, not much goin on today so let's just get right down to it.

Stan Kroenke, who met with Peter Hill-Wood last month to discuss his intentions, is now set to meet with the rest of the Arsenal board. He is now a significant shareholder, owning over 12 percent of the club. Most say that he will try to increase this stake if possible, but for now he is just trying to meet with the rest of the board to see the availability of the shares. Most Gooners that I know don't want him to takeover the club, and I'm one of them. The club is owned now by people that really actually care about it and are used to running it the Arsenal way, and a takeover could change all of that. The board has already said they will not sell any of their shares for at least one year, so let's hope they hold strong and keep this from happening.

Cesc Fabregas is in the news again today, because he is saying he wants the captain's armband now. In his interview with he had this to say.

Do you want to be captain in the future?

"Of course. Everybody wants this kind of responsibility and 100 per cent me as well. It something that I have liked ever since I have been young and it would be no problem for me to be captain of this club."

Well now Cesc may be captain someday, but he's only 20 and needs to learn to not buy in to all the speculation about him in the transfer window. We've been through our last 2 captains who both also were linked with moves all the time and did nothing to dispel them. We need captains who are going to stay, Cesc. I hope he is with us for the next 12 years honestly, but it doesn't look likely. After Gilberto's reign is over, I vote for Kolo.

Arsene Wenger spoke before the match today when asked whether Bacary Sagna and Eduardo da Silva were the "super, super signings" he said he would bring in. He conceded that it was his intention to only buy super quality and this was not what he had in mind but he hadn't planned on Thierry leaving so that's what changed his strategy.

“Yes, I said at the end of the season I would not necessarily buy unless I found a super player,” he said. “But at that time, in my mind, Thierry was staying. Then the Thierry situation was raised when I had him on the phone in the holidays."

So that's that. Maybe there are more signings to come, but you never know with Wenger. I see one more player coming in, probably after Reyes leaves. Hopefully a wide player to replace him. Bring back Le Bob. Nah I'm not serious about that as he's too old but I do miss seeing wingers that can score for us.

That's about all guys, cheers.


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