Friday, July 27, 2007

Henry Speaks On Arsenal

Morning all, this will be my last post for the next week, because I'll be in Montana for a family reunion. My best mate Patty is going to try to fill in when he can, so check back every now and then, and if we happen to find some internet in Montana then I'll be sure to write something up.

Now then, on to the news.

Thierry Henry has said that Freddie Ljungberg is entitled to his opinion about the state of Arsenal and that they share the same view about the team.

"Like I always say, Freddie is a grown man and he says whatever he wants to say," said Henry on Sky Sports News.

He did then go on to talk about the upcoming season, and said that Arsenal should be able to challenge for the title in the coming year. Speaking about the young team we have he said:

"A year ago, we were in the Champion's League final with that team. I think last season so many key players were injured - I'm not trying to find any excuses, but so many were injured.

"I'm sure this year, with everybody back, Arsenal can compete for the league. Everybody has to get behind the boss and I know they will."

Now this all seems very strange to me, because didn't Henry leave because he WOULDN'T win trophies soon at Arsenal? Didn't he say we didn't match his ambitions and it was the time to leave? Now he says we can win the title this year which makes absolutely no sense following what he said when he left. But it is what it is.

Mark Randall is hoping for first team football with Arsenal this year. He trained with the first team on the tour of Austria and made some pretty good performances in the games we had out there. He said though that if Wenger wanted to send him out on loan he would be open to that, he just wants to progress as a footballer and make it at Arsenal.

Jose Antonio Reyes has been linked with Lyon again, with their coach this time stating his desire to bring him in. They've already said how they wanted to sign him a couple of times now, I wish they would just come in for him already. Just give us a couple million and shut up about it then you have your player and we have one less cunt on the team.

Gilberto will miss the first match of the season. He's on a prolonged holiday right now after Copa America and will report back to training on August 7th. He's doubtful for the Fulham match though, which makes sense, as he'll have only had 3 days of training.

Also, there have been a lot of rumors linking Arsenal with Ricardo Quaresma. I'm not verifying them or anything but it is my job to report the news. The transfer fee would be around 15-16 million according to the rumors, but remember, these are just rumors...for now. *Crosses fingers*

That's about all I've got. Have a good day all and if you don't hear from me for a while that means we have no internet in Montana.


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Anonymous said...

Henry left Arsenal for one reason and one reason only and it had nothing to do with football.

He split up with his wife and needed to get away. Anyone that has been through the same situation will understand, except most of can't afford to leave the country to get away.