Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Reyes Finally Gone

Well hello all, let's start with some good news. Jose Antonio Reyes has been sold! Atletico Madrid have bid for him and the move has been completed. The transfer fee is around 8.1 million quid. We all knew he wouldn't be coming back to London so it's good that we got this deal done sooner rather than later. There's a month left in the transfer window and it should give Arsene some time to use this money effectively. We should have quite a good bit to spend and I still believe we need a wide player so hopefully Arsene will find whoever he is looking for and bring him in. Any ideas anyone?

Kerrea Gilbert has gone on loan to Southend for 6 months. This is a good move for him because with Hoyte, Sagna, and Eboue at right back he wasn't going to get a chance to play. He's a good young talent but we just may not have a place for him.

Robin Van Persie is the latest in a number of gunners to talk about the team having a chance to challenge for the title this year. He said that despite the young age of the team we could overcome the teams that finished ahead of us last year, and I'm really starting to agree with him. The confidence among the team is great and hopefully all the really young lads will respond to it and put in some good performances.

Arsene Wenger also spoke to the press saying much of the same things, about our solid chances for the year ahead. He spoke about how we brought in Da Silva and brought back Bendtner to replace Henry, and also said Walcott will be used a lot more this coming season.

Also, I gave an interview that you can read here. If you want you can vote for my blog which is always nice.

That's about all. Cheers

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Anonymous said...

im really pleased reyes has finally gone, hopefully arsene will put this towards another signing or two. hes probably waiting to see what happens with eduardo's work permit before he decides what players he should go for.