Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yoan Gouffran to Arsenal

Yoan Gouffran has signed with Arsenal for a reported 2 million pounds. He has signed a four year contract. I had not heard anything about it but I saw it on a rumor page and decided to look into it and found it on several other sites as well saying we have signed him. He plays for FC Caen, and will apparently be loaned back to them for the upcoming season. He is a winger/striker, but usually plays up front. He played at the U-21 Championships last year and scored one goal in four appearances. He would the French League 2 player of the season award for last season in helping his team get promoted. I haven't seen him play personally but I'm sure you can find some highlights of him somewhere. More on him to come when the move is confirmed officially by the club.

Theo Walcott has said he has recovered from his injury and is ready to go for the new season. He continued by saying he has set himself a goal of 10 goals this season and at least 25 starts. He says he can make up for the loss of Thierry. Good to hear from Theo because I think he'll be great for us. We have to remember that he is still only 18 years old and needs time to improve like every other player. I think he will factor in more this year though and am looking for big things from him in years to come.

Reggina's Rolando Bianchi is being looked at by Arsenal, Portsmouth, and Manchester City. He was on the verge of moving to Napoli earlier but they pulled out at the last minute. He plays striker and he's another young one, so I don't know very much about him (I can't stand watching Italian football unless it's Milan). I'll keep you posted if there is any more news about him.

Fernando Torres gave an interview thanking Cesc Fabregas for convincing him to move to the Premiership. This is clearly a clever trap by Cesc, who along with Gilberto will kick in his shins until his lower legs fall off and he can no longer play.

That's all the news today but I just wanted to throw one more thing in here. We need a winger, and there's been talk of names like Malouda (now at Chelsea) and Ribery (now at Munich), but no talk of Shaun Wright-Phillips. He's clearly available, Chelsea haven't been playing him and now they even signed another winger. You'd think his adoptive dad Ian Wright would say, "Hey son why don't you play for the Gunners? They need a winger and you can kick the shite out of Chelsea then!" Sounds good to me. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

i just had a look at a video of him on youtube, he scored some amazing goals and looks like a really good player. only 21 aswell, looks like wengers found another gem.

Anonymous said...

Are u sure we have signed him? Talking about needing a winger, now we have signed sagna, wenger has the option of pushing eboue into midfield, which would be great cos his offensive abilities are vastly improving.

Anonymous said...

" You'd think his adoptive dad Ian Wright would say, "Hey son why don't you play for the Gunners? They need a winger and you can kick the shite out of Chelsea then!" Sounds good to me. What do you think?"
I dont think wenger rates him and i wouldnt rate him either and i guess ian wright doesnt rate him as well otherwise it woulda been a done and dusted deal. Bianchi has gone to man city and he's not a winger. the two best wingers in france were available and they chose not to play under arsene, what gives? who is a realistic buy and anyone know what wenger thinks of this?

ArseNole said...

Malouda and Ribery both had their prices driven up too high for Arsenal, which ended up being the case as well with Babel this year and Wright Philips a few years ago. I think Wenger will find one, but my gut tells me it will be a fairly unknown player who Wenger rates highly, because he won't want to have to pay too much for him. When we do sign a winger, I wouldn't expect a big name, just a "Wenger signing" who nobody has heard much about and we bring in for 5 million but he'll be solid.