Saturday, July 7, 2007

Reyes Staying at Madrid

Jose Antonio Reyes is looking very likely to stay at Madrid, with negotiations ongoing with Real Madrid and Reyes' agent. His agent said that Reyes has no intention of returning to London, which we already knew, and had this to say about his fee:

'Arsenal are not asking for 20 million euros (£13.6million) but they are asking for a reasonable fee in accordance with what they paid to Sevilla. The negotiations are on the table.'

Reyes won the title for them after coming off the bench to score two goals to win 3-1 in the last game of the year. Let's hope that knocked the price for him up a little bit more, because there is no way we're going to get back all we spent for him. Let's just hope we get rid of him.

Gilberto Silva is going to be a great captain. The first thing he did after becoming captain was to blast Didier Drogba saying that Arsenal would not be able to compete next season.

"So Drogba said we're already out of the title race, did he? Well, let's wait and see what happens," Gilberto told The Sun.

Sounds like one of those statements you would make if you had an Uzi under your kit for the Chelsea match. Very nice Gil, very nice. He continued with this, and it's quite a laugh because it's true.

"What I do know is last season Chelsea spent a fortune on new signings and still couldn't beat Arsenal once in the league.

"They didn't defend their title either, so I think Drogba is talking a little bit too much."

I love Gilberto. He's going to be a great captain for us and will hold us together after the Henry departure. Looking forward to a big season from him.

Mathieu Flamini is a target for Valencia. Flamini is wanting to leave the club and may buy out the rest of his contract. He was a useful player but never really was going to be good enough to be a first team regular, so hopefully something will work out for him. Best of luck mate.

The squad numbers have been released and you can see them here.

Also there is another Cesc to Madrid story but we know those are all rubbish anyway.

That's about it. A fair bit of news today and hopefully more tomorrow. It'll be my brother's birthday so wish him a happy birthday. Cheers mates!


Patrick said...

Dont need Reyes. He can stay at Real Madrid for all I care.

Great move by Gilberto. Ready for a new kick ass captain.

huy said...

I enjoy reading you blog, please keep up the good work.

Reyes is a cunt, but we need to find someone to replace him. Quick!

ArseNole said...

thanks im glad people enjoy reading it. i do the best i can with it. it'll get better once the matches start. just 6 days away! Yeah I'm sick of Reyes, don't know who is really out there to replace him but we definitely need a winger before the season starts