Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Juve Want Big Phil, Blues Want Djourou

Morning everyone. Or afternoon if you live across the pond from me. Not much news today but we'll get right down to it.

Various Sources say that Juventus are interested in Phil Senderos and will make a 3 million pound bid for him. Are you joking? Only 3 million? Yeah he hasn't always had his head in the game and he gives you a couple of moments where you just really don't want to watch, but I like the guy. He's a good defender, tall and strong, a bit slow but that's why we have King Kolo. Gallas isn't exactly a spring chicken and besides he talks bad about the team every other day. If I had to choose one to sell it would definitely be Gallas. Kolo and Big Phil were the pair that got us to the Champion's League Final, along with Eboue and.......Flamini. If we do sell Phillipe, please don't let it only be for that price. We need him.

Johan Djourou is wanted on loan at Birmingham. This is hardly a surprise as they take any of our young players they can get on loan (Muamba, Bendtner, etc). I don't know if they will get him or not. Of course it matters if we sell Phillipe because if we do Arsene would never send him out on loan because he'd instantly be the back up at centre back. It'd be nice to get him a full season of top flight experience, because he certainly wouldn't be first choice at Arsenal yet, but we may need him too much to send him out for the year. More to come on that.

In the rumor department, we've again been linked with Stephen Appiah. It doesn't make much sense as he is a central midfielder and that seems to be the position we have covered the best. Who knows, I didn't think we needed a right back either.

Now for something I wanna do every now and then called Reader Interaction! Since most of us are in agreement that we need a winger, I want everyone to leave a comment just stating which winger you think we should buy, realistically. Whether it be Ricardo Quaresma, Martin Petrov, SWP, or any other, just let it be known and see what other Gooners think.

That's about it for the day, hope it's a good one for you all.



Anonymous said...

to be honest i don't really think we need senderos, hes a good player but we have other players who can play better there, toure and gallas obviously, hoyte is a bit young but can still play well there, and of course djourou, i do not think we should send djourou anywhere, hes strong and very quick player who i think will be very valuable for the team this season.

Anonymous said...

I don't really rate him. Sure, he's big and strong, but he's just too slow and makes the occasional screw up that costs us a lot. Seems to pick up cards quite a bit as well.

Meh, maybe I'm being pessimistic. Who knows? O_o

Jays said...

The thing with players like sendreros is the same for toure, they need 2 play consistently every week, one off run outs here and there is not going to develop consistent concentration over the full 90 mins (which is what he is lacking) We started playin toure every week next to campbell in 2003/2004 season, and we went unbeaten the whole season (he made mistakes but those were the days were we would score three times as much as our opponents), but gallas is a must start full stop. So as long as toure and gallas are fit, senderos will never really improve on his major weakness. African Nations will be his chance, but its not enough time i dont think.

PhatBastard said...

Senderos always made me nervous, he looked like a penalty kick waiting to happen in the box. Still if we got rid of Senderos and loaned Djourou out I'd like to see Arsenal get a veteran central defender to replace them. Wasn't there a lot of talk about Arsene going after Curtis Davies? As for my winger...well Liverpool screwed this all up but I would have said Ryan Babel. And I don't know if he could fit in with Arsene style of play...but I love Ribery.

ArseNole said...

I like Senderos personally. Yeah he makes you nervous sometimes, but he is strong, good with headers, and if he got a good run in the side I think his mistakes would be cut down a lot. If we did sell him there is no way we would loan out Djourou. There was talk of Davies coming in but I don't think we'd get him unless it was for a cheap price, which wouldn't happen because he's English. I liked Babel too, but 11.5 million is wayyy more than we would have paid and way more than he is worth. I think when Senderos gets his run in the team when Kolo and Eboue go to the Cup of Nations he will show his quality.