Monday, July 16, 2007

Nothing Going On Today

No big news today at all, not even a Cesc to Real Madrid rumor, so you know it's a quiet one.

Arsene Wenger did say that he did not want Thierry Henry to leave for Barca. He said that Henry is a world class player, the type that no team ever wants to lose. This is true but I don't think Wenger would have come right out and said, "He was getting old so I figured he could piss off and we wouldn't miss him that much." Just doesn't sound like something he'd say.

Sky Sports did a little bit comparing our three main right backs (Hoyte, Eboue, Sagna.) It's actually pretty interesting and you'll see things you wouldn't expect like Justin Hoyte having the best tackling statistics.

There are rumors going around that we have been linked with Rodrigo Palacio as well as Nery Castillo. Both of the players are quality and were at Copa America so we'll see what happens, but for now they are both just rumors.

That's really about all today. Next match is on Thursday in Austria against a team who's name I can't pronounce. We'll probably get to see the new signings make their debuts. Looking forward to it. Cheers all.


Anonymous said...

ive heard that Rodrigo Palacio is coming for a medical tomorrow, after boca junior accpeted a £15million bid from arsenal.

ArseNole said...

wow i cant imagine we paid that much for him but i'd be excited to see him playing for us. we'll see how it goes. i'll write it up tomorrow.

Stevo said...

It looks like that Palacio story was a total bollocks. His agent hsa said that he has not recieved an offer from Arsenal, so it was just a media speculation, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

castillo would be nice, he was spectacular for mexico in the copa america