Monday, July 2, 2007

Eduardo Da Silva...Wooohooo

Well we have finally signed a striker! Tevez? Nope. Martins? No. Eto'o? Wrong again. We have signed Eduardo Da Silva of Croatia. He played for Dinamo Zabreg and scored 34 goals in 32 appearances last year. The fee is 16 million pounds, the same amount as we sold Henry for. He is 24 years old, so older than both Tevez and Martins. Does anyone think this guy is anywhere near as good? I've honestly not seen him play much if at all so I don't know what he is capable of really. I'd love to trust Wenger on this and I do of course hope he will be a quality signing but it seems very strange to me that we wouldn't get a proven goal scorer in one of the top leagues. He had recently signed a massive 10 year deal with Zagreb but as long as he passes his medical he'll be on the way to the Emirates.

"I am excited and happy in the same time, also very proud that I am going to play in such a big club," da Silva told

"Every football player wants to play for Barcelona, Real [Madrid], Manchester United or Arsenal one day and so do I.

Well at least he sounds like he's really happy to make the move to North London. Let's hope he can make up where our captain left off. We need to give him time to adjust to our game and to English football but we really have the right to expect big big things from this lad because of his transfer fee. I'm a little skeptical, let's hope I am very very wrong.

And that's about all really. Leave your thoughts about Da Silva. Thanks. Cheers all

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Anonymous said...

well im happy weve finally signed someone, but is this really the sort of player we want, he had an amazing scoring record last year, but it was in the croation league so who knows what he can really do. we really shouldn't be spending £16mil on him aswell, so hes worth as much as henry? im not too sure about that, altho ive also heard we got him for £6mil which wouldn't be so bad.
if he gets the goals next season then well all once again be proven that wenger knows best. im a bit scepticle about him tho, hopefully ill be proved wrong.