Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Bit of Wednesday News

So, hello all. Since I last left you we've had some news but nothing too exciting. Here goes.

Rodrigo Palacio had been linked with a move to Arsenal recently, but Palacio's agent has since come out and said these stories are false as they have received no offer from Arsenal. This rumor got many people excited to see him in the red and white because he is a quality player but turns out it was just a rumor after all.

Jose Antonio Reyes continued with his usual rabble about wanting to continue as a Madrid player. Jose, we get it, you don't want to come back to London. Now shut your fat hole until we get someone to pay for you.

Carlos Vela and Francisco Merida are both being considered for loan offers this season. Vela has not yet qualified for a work permit to play in England so he has not been able to play at Arsenal at all throughout the time he's been here, since 2005. He's a quality player so hopefully he gets the most out of these loan spells and improves his game, because in January he can qualify for his work permit. Fran Merida is someone I think we're all looking forward to seeing play, because he's one in the mold of Cesc Fabregas. He's quite young, still 16 or 17 can't remember which, but a bit of first team football would do him quite well and prepare him to break into the Arsenal first team next year.

Speaking of Cesc Fabregas, our beloved midfielder has said that he expects Arsenal to challenge for the title this year. Opinions seem to be quite mixed with this team, and I don't think anyone really knows what to expect. We could be great or we could be mediocre and end up 4th. But anyways, Cesc had this to say:

"We are Arsenal," he told the club's official website. "We are one of the most important teams in Europe.

"Definitely we have to be fighting for the title because it would not be Arsenal if we are not doing this."

He added: "Collectively this side is very good. That is what we have to keep showing to ourselves, that we are good enough to fight for everything."

Good stuff to hear from Cesc and I hope his confidence inspires the rest of the squad.

Last but not least we see Kolo Toure saying that he expects Wenger to stay at Arsenal.

"For me, I think he will stay," said the defender. "Mr Wenger brings something special to this club and to keep him would be a great thing.

I think we all along with Kolo want Wenger to stay, so hopefully he'll sign that new contract soon. Cheers all. Off to the beach today.


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Anonymous said...

its good to see the team looking confident going into the new season.
i think fran merida should play in the amsterdam tournament, it would be a great chance for the fans to see him play properly and against two good sides it would give a chance to really show what hes made of, and also give him a lot of experience playing against high profile sides in a big stadium in front of lots of fans.
its a shame about palacio, i would have really liked to see him join, but o well.