Friday, July 6, 2007

Wenger NOT in Talks With Real Madrid

Absolutely no news at all today folks. The only thing we've got is Real Madrid saying that they spoke to Arsene Wenger about their vacant manager's position. Arsenal came out right away and said that Arsene had not spoken to them at all about the manager position, and honestly who would want it? Capello got sacked after winning the title! But anyways, Arsene isn't going anywhere, and there is increasing talk of him signing a new Arsenal deal, which would be huge for us, because it shows his commitment and most likely keeps Cesc here a lot longer.

The Telegraph is reporting that Gilberto Silva will be given the captain's armband and that young Cesc Fabregas will be the new vice captain. Not really a surprise if this is the case, most would've expected Gilberto to get it after being Vice Captain so long. He'll be a better captain than Henry was, he's more of the type to lead by example I think and not much of a motivator, but he does work hard and he can direct the team more from midfield. Kolo would have been my other choice, but I think Gilberto is a great leader and will wear the armband proudly.

That's seriously all for the day, absolutely nothing in the news. Look for more tomorrow.


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