Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Pete H-W Pleased...Are You?

Well today fellow gooners we have clinched the singing of Eduardo Da Silva. He passed his medical and everything has gone through, so he'll officially be with us next season. Peter Hill-Wood is pretty happy about it, you can read what he had to say here.

Da Silva seems to be genuinely really happy about joining the club, so let's hope he will be inspired to work hard and put in some really good performances for us. We'll certainly need it to make up for the loss of Thierry. He scored on us in the Champion's League so he does have quality, we just have to see if he can stand up to a full season of English football, which I imagine is far different from the Croatian League. He will wear number 9, so hopefully he will do better with it than Baptista, but then again, I myself probably could've done more than Baptista.

Cesc Fabregas has said he expects Thierry Henry to be at his best for Barcelona next season. Who really bloody cares? Shouldn't Cesc have more important things to worry about? It's time we move on from Henry. He is a legend for the Gunners, but he is gone and we move on with the players we have. The current players and us as supporters need to be talking about what we have now, not what Henry might do in Spain.

Mathias Jorgensen has turned down a move to the Premiership and instead signed a contract with FC Copenhagen. Wenger rated him highly and wanted to bring him in but he apparently isn't keen on a move, at least not yet. If we get defensive help he will need to have more experience anyway.

About it for the day really. Have to be off to class and it's pouring rain. Wonderful. Cheers all.


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Anonymous said...

i am pleased altho i still think we need to sign another big striker, to show the other teams well be ready to challenge them next season.