Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Found Some Internet!

Hey guys, I'm on my family reunion in Montana and happened upon some internet so of course I thought of you guys and decided to write a new post. As all of you know, Arsenal won the Emirates Cup today with a second strong performance in as many days! The brilliant winner by Van Persie is posted just below.

1-2 Persie
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I don't have time to write up reports for both of the matches, but it is very pleasing to beat two quality teams and win the first Emirates Cup, even if it is preseason. I think the squad will take a lot of confidence from this going forward and it has even given way to title talk from Cesc Fabregas.

He said that even without Freddie and Henry we can still fight for the title, and I think more and more people are beginning to think the same way with our preseason performance and the confidence the squad is showing.

"While I respect the decisions of Henry and Ljungberg, I believe this team can fight for the title," he told the News of the World.

"The Premiership favourites are the same as last year - Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and us."

Great to hear from Cesc and I'm really starting to believe in this team. Do you all feel it as well?

Arsene Wenger has also fed speculation and made us all jumpy by saying he could sign up to two more players this transfer window. He pretty much ruled out a bid for Nicolas Anelka, but has said that if he finds the players he wants, he could sign one or even two, and that he has the money to do so.

Arsene also made news by having dinner with old pal David Dein. He said it was just a friendly dinner and that it had nothing to do with a potential takeover, and I have to believe him. Arsene has always said he generally stays out of matters that don't concern him, and a potential takeover really isn't in his realm of control. Further, the board has already said they won't sell at least for this year, so I'm pretty confident this dinner had nothing to do with that.

Jose Antonio Reyes looks set to move to Atletico Madrid as Wenger confirmed he will not be returning, but didn't say much more about it.

"We will make an announcement shortly, but he will not come back here," Wenger added.

"I cannot tell you more than that at the moment."

Thank God he'll be on his way and we'll have a bit more cash to spend. Probably not what he's worth but what can you do.

That's about all I have right now for ya, looking forward to the new season, less than a fortnight to go. Later all.


PhatBastard said...

Sky Sports is reporting Arsenal is in talk to acquire Lasanna Diarra....don't know much about him...I've seen him described as a defending or holding midfielder...does he play in the center? Unless people think Diaby can play the wing then isn't the middle getting pretty crowded with young players?

Anonymous said...

the team were awsome on both days, sagna at right back with eboue at right midfield worked so well.
hleb played amazingly as the supporting man behind the striker and van persies goal was the perfect way to come back from his injury, overall a great weekend.