Saturday, June 30, 2007

We'll Have to Wait For Tevez

Carlos Tevez is going to delay his decision on his future for next season until after the Copa America. He's currently on international duty with Argentina and has stated that any discussions about him will have to wait until the Cup is finished.

"Carlos is playing in the Copa America at the moment and that is where his prime focus is," confirmed Joorabchian.

"It is a big competition and we intend talking more seriously about his future when that tournament is over.

"At the moment there is no development."

So to me this is what that says. If we can get talks done with Anelka or Martins before the Copa America is done, we'll get them instead of Tevez. I doubt Arsene wants to leave a signing this big until very last minute, but I could be wrong. My gut says that Anelka or Martins will be signed before Tevez is ever even back in England. We shall see.

It looks like Joes Antonio Reyes may get to stay at Real Madrid after all. Probably because he's going to cost them about 5.95 his price his been knocked down so low.

"(Reyes) helped us win the league," Mijatovic told the club's official website.

"He's an excellent player and there's a chance he'll stay with us."

That's really about it in the world of Arsenal today. Arsene Wenger should return from holiday soon, so maybe something eventful will finally happen then.

Now I'm gonna ramble about my Football Manager 07 team for a bit in case anyone else actually plays it. We're in the year 2016, I have been with Arsenal the whole time and have won the title five times, the Champions League six times, the League Cup three times and the FA Cup twice. Surprisingly the Top 4 in the league right now is Arsenal, West Ham, Man City, and Liverpool. Chelsea meanwhile are in 12th. I hope they get relegated.

My starting lineup is as such:

Sergio Ramos-Djourou-Toure-Marcelo



So you can see that out of all the original players, most have retired or left, but I still start 5 of them: Djourou, Toure, Cesc, Merida, and Vela. Thierry Henry is still the club's top league goalscorer with 292 league goals, but Aguero just passed 200 and he is only 27, so we'll see if he surpasses the mark. Toure is a whopping 36 years old, but he keeps fighting, bless him.

That's about enough of that. Have a good day all.


Stevo said...

Now that Torres is on his way to Liverpool, I hope we can get Tevez, he is the best choice. Oba Oba is an excellent player but Tevez is pure class, he could become an Arsenal Great.

As for Sagna, I don't know nothing about him, only that he is right back and can play on the left too. If we are signing him it has to be for the left back position, coz Hoyte and Eboue are enough for the right back spot, and when Eboue is off to ANC we could use Gilbert, Flamini(if he is still here), Djourou and Gallas as back ups for that spot.

Football Manager? I got the sack at Arsenal after 15 seasons in which I won 12 PL titles, 9 CL trophies, 9 WCC Trophies and around 20 other Cups like CC, FA and Community Shield. And they sack me only because I finished 4th in the season 2021-2022. Crap!!!

But I got a new job right away and become a Newcastle manager and in the first year with the Toon I won the PL title, European Super Cup, WCC Trophy, Community Shields and FA Cup. Not bad huh? :)))))))))))

My favoutite... Sergio Aguero.
Carlos Vela has retired, but he has won believe it or not 186 caps and scored around 120 goals for Mexico. He is simply an FM goal-machine.

ArseNole said...

Aguero is a monster on that game. We just finished the 2016-2017 season and he scored 60 goals in all competitions. Vela had a down year with only 32. Aguero only needs 52 more to pass Henry as all time leading scorer. That's funny that you went to Newcastle cuz on the last game I had played I resigned from Arsenal and Newcastle was the first one to offer me a new job so I took it.

I have also managed Brazil and the Czech Republic during this campaign but find National Teams difficult because they don't seem to work together nearly as well. Have you tried it?

Stevo said...

Yes, I managed France and lost in the 1/4 finals in the European Championship, and with Argentina I lost in the semis against Brazil in Copa America.