Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Kit Leaked and More!

Morning all. A special shout out to Dr Whiff today for being such a cunt. Thanks. Top bloke there.

To start off with we've got the new home kits for next season! I for one have to say that they're good looking kits. I know the sleeves aren't all white this time around but I think they still have enough white to keep them traditional. It seems like there's extra white down the sides too which is cool. I'm going to be getting one, just not sure if I want a Sagna one, a Cesc one, or a Clichy one. Or maybe even Adebayor. The away kit I've only seen low quality pictures but they go back to the yellow with a bit of blue. I'm not as much of a fan of those but I haven't seen any really good pictures. What do you guys think?

Sky Sports reports that Arsenal had a 10 million pound bid rejected for Cristian Zapata of Udinese. He's their star defender and captain even though he's only 21 years old. He could be just the type of defender we need to bring in and if we really did bid for him then that is great news to hear. He's 6' 2" (I don't know metrics well enough to convert, sorry) and is big and strong enough to challenge for the long balls, which has been what we couldn't do in the past seasons.

This morning one of our readers, Joshua, and myself were talking about if you could sign ONE defender in the whole world, who would it be? He said Per Mertesacker and I said Sergio Ramos. Who do you think our best defensive option would be if you could choose one from anywhere?

Everton have also joined the race to sign Aaron Ramsey, and have had a bid accepted. So it's really up to him to decide where he wants to go now, but I think he'll probably end up and Man United. I don't really care though. We have 17 year olds that are coming up that could probably do most of what Ramsey has done in the Championship. This article says that he will wait until he is able to speak to Arsene Wenger though.T

Bacary Sagna signed a new deal, so my favorite player gets to stick around longer.

"I love Arsenal, they are a great club," Sagna stated.

"The manager is also very good and next season we will be fighting for all the trophies."

Sounds like he actually enjoys it here, who would have thought? If you read other stories you'd think everyone hated Arsenal.

Here's a story that Gilberto washed his Visa in the laundry and that made him late for training. Sounds like Gilberto needs to come up with better excuses.

There have been several reports such as this one in the Telegraph saying that Emmanuel Adebayor has agreed personal terms with AC Milan. I think it's probably all bollocks. He just said he loves the club and will be back next year a few days ago. It's all sources from Italy saying it so it's probably just trying to unsettle our best striker. I think he'll be here though.

Alright that's a wrap on this one. Apparently posts are only good if they get comments but if you actually have a life and are too busy I understand. Till tomorrow, cheers!


JH92 said...

GR8 post. i like the home kit but i have seen two different kinds of the away kits one bright yellow with blue same colours of are 02/03 season and the other one a yellowy mustard colour with dark blue with a weird red stripe on the shoulder, the jersey looks bad really. i would rather have the first away kit i just mentioned the bright yellow with blue. hopefullly we can sign zapata

steww said...

Quite traditional going back to the yellow away kit. Some have complained about the lack of a pure white sleeve, but I think the new shirt looks excellent. Might treat myself to a day out in London, a trip to the Emirates and a shirt for a souvenir this august...

Anonymous said...

Hey I see what you mean about Mr.Whiff!

Mike said...
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Mike said...

The kit looks better than I'd thought when I heard about it, but I'd still prefer all white sleeves.

I probably won't buy one, but I can deal.

The socks look really good though.

ArseNole said...

Agree Mike, love the socks, but I love the kit as well. I'm going to be getting one the day it comes out. Who should it be though, Sagna, Clichy, or Ade?

Anonymous said...

no problem mate, consider it done!!

Mike said...

i say Sagna, 3 is a good number.