Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Adebayor to Recieve Footballer of the Year!

Morning all. Still no signings, but try not to panic. This morning brings the news that David McNally, who has been Fulham's managing director for the past three years, has left the club. This has of course sparked speculation that he could be heading for the same job at Arsenal, which was vacated by Keith Edelman's departure. McNally was responsible for both the employments of Lawrie Sanchez, who made a bunch of buys that appeased the fans (hmmmm...Arsenal fans?) and was shite, and also for Roy Hodgesen, who saved the club from relegation.

This article also links us with Sevilla's managing director, Ramon Monchi. Too bad managing directors aren't like players where you can just watch them every week and see how good or bad they are. You have to just go by what you here and what you know about the clubs. I couldn't tell you much about either of those men but I do know the board did appoint headhunters to find the right man for the job so it does seem they are taking this very seriously. Whoever we do end up getting will be the very best for the job.

The BBC reports that Emmanuel Adebayor will be given the African Footballer of the Year trophy in Lome tonight. He got 42 percent of the public vote, so even though a lot of the Arsenal fans want to get rid of him, at least the African public realizes what a good player he has become for us. Thirty goals in all competitions...wow. Keep it up Ade, you deserve that award!

Sky Sports says that Arsenal target Aaron Ramsey has agreed a deal with Manchester United. This will undoubtedly lead to several blogs and fans calling for Wenger's departure. It doesn't seem all that big a loss honestly to me. First fans say they want established players and now they have a cow over this 17 year old. I just am going to wait until we get some signings in and not worry until then.

Update: Apparently there have been two bids accepted for Ramsey, one from Man U and one from who is believed to be Arsenal or Liverpool. We'll keep you updated.

To fuel your transfer rumor fire, I have this one for you. Tribal Football says that David Villa is officially for sale for 17 million quid. Not a bad price for Villa huh?

And for the last thing, Jens Lehmann has officially agreed a one year deal with Stuttgart. That means he has at least one more year to do some crazy mad things that we can all laugh about.

Sorry so short today. Not much going on really. Oh and if you didn't read Arseblog today he provides the perfect example of how Arsenal fans are acting this summer. Be patient you crazy bastards. Cheers.


JH92 said...

gr8 post. well done adebayor. man united havent got ramsey yet and i heard nasri is pretty certain to come any way. that thing about nasri wanting money was taken out of context by a website.

steww said...

Another great post - voice of reason stuff. Ref Ade, just ask your mates who support other teams how much they like seeing their defence trying to play him, listen to what the other pro's say about him. He is class, he just committed the fatal unforgiveable mistake of not being Thierry Henry.

ArseNole said...

spot on steww. I'm a huge Ade fan. They asked opposing defenders about him and they said he and drogba are the hardest two strikers in the league to match up with. And on top of that, he's only 24 so he's still improving! Can't wait to see what he could do alongside a fully fit RvP for a whole season!

Anonymous said...

Ade is the top striker around, Torres is a better finisher but theres not another striker in the league like Ade where defenders cant keep him at bay. Keep up the hardwork for next season and you can only get betta.

Wrighty7 said...

Hi arsenole,

Wrighty7 here. Be glad to put you on my bloglinks mate.

Keep up the great articles.

Take care.