Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Preseason Fixtures Announced

Ok guys, I had to work this morning so this is a really late post. It's almost 9 pm in England. The readers in Australia will think this post is tomorrow's, but there will be a new one then too.

The podcast is really going to be picking up here soon. I've got a new co-host lined up, Joaquin from Los Angeles. That's right, another American Arsenal fan. I'm also in discussions with some other bloggers to see if they want to appear on some of them and I'm hoping to work a few of those out in the next few weeks. Keep the ideas coming in with what you'd like to hear. I want to make it almost a radio show type podcast, so if you have questions you want us to answer on the podcast, or if you want to leave a comment that we can read on there, feel free to email me with it and we'll go over it on the show. It may turn into a pretty long podcast with all the emails and stuff but that's good. More Arsenal for everybody! My email address is listed on the ArseNole About Me page or you can message me on skype or MSN. My msn is ArseNole@hotmail.com and my skype name is The_ArseNole. So you have no excuses now for not contributing at least a comment or an email so get them in!

So what do we have for news today? Well we have some new preseason fixtures announced; on July 22nd we have Arsenal vs. Szombathely and on July 28th (my mother's birthday) we have Arsenal vs. Burgenland Select Team. I'm getting very excited that we start friendlies next month and I always enjoy seeing the new signings and the young players getting a chance in the first team. It'll be interesting to see players like Vela, Barazite, Randall, Ramsey, and Nasri. Which players are you most looking forward to seeing? I'm looking forward to Vela the most.

Gilberto Silva is being tracked by Valencia, Juventus, and Panathinaikos. I'd be very surprised if Gilberto was sold this off season. He'd be a big loss not only because he is probably Flamini's best replacement, but also because he is a good leader and his experience adds a lot to the squad. If I was predicting a starting eleven next year he'd be in the middle next to Cesc so I'm really hoping he decides to stay.

There isn't really much else today. I've started a new Football Manager game managing Real Betis. I've signed a couple Arsenal players, Barazite, Diaby, and Denilson are my starting midfield (I play a 5-3-2 with attacking wing backs) and I've gotten them into the Uefa Cup. No trophies yet after two seasons but we're a team on the rise.

That's all I've got. I'll do something on here before work tomorrow but yeah other than that just get all your emails and stuff in for the podcast or you can post it on the forums. Whatever floats your boat. Cheers all, have a good one.


kerpal said...

superb article. i love this blog. your blog arseblog and le grove r my favourites. in fact this blog is so much like le grove its gr8!! arsenole is like le groves twin brother. Plus youve got the humour that arseblogger has which is fantastic. cheers

JH92 said...

gd post. nasri is gunna cum soon. lol whats with this le grove business lol your blogs nothing like it. only 10 times better.

JH92 said...


watch that

ArseNole said...

Glad you enjoy the site kerpal. I try to do the best I can.

allylovesarsenal said...

erm, where are the new posts??

jamesgillesp said...

Le Grove?? Not really similar Kerpal. What you on about twins?

Yeah maybe, siblings dont't always get on though