Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Arsenal Have Signed Aaron Ramsey

Morning all. Quite surprising news this morning tells us that we have signed Cardiff's Aaron Ramsey. I don't think the deal has been finalized but it is by the BBC and they don't usually completely make up stories like some other papers and websites. It's 5 million quid, straight up, according to reports and comments from Cardiff.

As you probably know, Arsenal flew out Aaron and his agent to Switzerland to meet with Arsene Wenger and they gave him the VIP treatment. He had the choice to sign with Everton, Manchester United or Arsenal and it looks now like he's chosen the Gunners.

Cardiff seems genuinely disappointed by the news, as they were clearly favoring him moving to Manchester United. This would have allowed him to be loaned back to Cardiff for next season. Check out some of these quotes:

"It is a very straightforward, no strings attached £5m cash offer - simple.

"We felt that Manchester United equalled it because it included a loan back option."

So that covers the cost of the player, which I thought would be higher honestly, based on appearances and the like, similar to Theo's deal when we signed him from Southampton. As for the confirmation that he is coming, Cardiff released a statement saying this:

"Cardiff City were informed on Tuesday morning that Aaron Ramsey's preferred destination this summer is the Emirates Stadium with Arsenal.

"We will now continue the dialogue with the Gunners with a view to Aaron's move being completed.

"The move, unlike other options, does not include a loan back period at Ninian Park for the 2008/09 season."

So it really looks like he's coming and I suppose now would be the time that I should start getting excited about him. I really thought he would be off to Man United but it appears he is not, in fact, a huge cunt. Ramsey's desire to move to the Emirates has even been put up on the Cardiff official website.

I'll admit right now that I've seen him play about 20 minutes in my entire life. I know he's 17 and he's obviously a huge prospect, but can someone that has seen him play (maybe a Cardiff supporter happens along here today?) tell us more about him? I don't trust YouTube videos but I haven't seen any for him anyway.

In other quick news, Spain and Russia are just now kicking off and Cesc Fabregas isn't in the starting lineup. I'm pissed. Go Russia.

And for Euro 2008, an Austrian Brewery has offered a lifetime of free beer to any Austrian player who scores the first goal for the country in the tournament. I think that would provide extra motivation for anybody! Cheers.


JH92 said...

gd post. hope hes a gd player. Fabregas scored but looked quite tired.have you seen that site taking off le grove lol its called le wank

biddah said...

yh fabregas did look a little tired, but what a pass for villa's 3rd goal :o should have started insted of iniesta really. doesnt seem to be any videos of ramsey on youtube so im hoping hes a good as the hype suggests.

ArseNole said...

Yeah I don't know shite about Ramsey really besides that he's 17. Great for Fab to get his first goal for Spain and yeah it was a great pass for Villa. Nah I haven't seen that site Josh

PhatBastard said...

Tough to get too excited about Ramsey for me...however...Ferguson obviously wanted him...and Wenger thinks enough of him to take the time to personally meet with him (while that old bastard Fergie would only do a phone call? prick!)...but still the bottom line is he's another 17 year old midfielder who's best position from what I've read is central midfielder but who will probably end up having to play wide for us. I'm going to be very interested to see who emerges from the group of Merida, Lansbury, Randall, Wilshire, Ozyakup and now Ramsey.

ArseNole said...

Well Fergie did give a phone call, but he also sent Gary Neville to spend a day with the boy. That's probably what turned him off United, I wouldn't want to spend any time at all with that cunt