Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Exclusive! Richard Dunne Not Signing With Arsenal!

Morning all. Going to be a quick one today as I have to work in like 30 minutes, but I'm trying to rattle something off here.

First off take a look at Third-Gen, who is finally back today, and rewards us with a brilliant article yet again telling everyone that thinks they can run the club better than Arsene (there seem to be many of them) to shut the hell up.

Today I think I'm going to just do a list of truths that seem obvious to me. If they turn out not to be true at all then feel free to bash me but this is what seems ridiculous and/or obvious to me.

1. We are not going to sign Richard Dunne, and we shouldn't. He plays for Manchester City, which is never a top side. He's 28, which is to old for Arsene to sign. He's too slow and can't pass well enough for Arsenal's style of play. So please stop asking for Richard Dunne. Not happening.

2. Gareth Barry is not an upgrade to our squad. Honestly where would he even play? Next to Cesc? Is he a better option than the cheaper Yaya Toure and better than the potential ability of Diaby, Denilson, and Djourou? Arsene Wenger will NEVER pay 15 million for Gareth Barry.

3. Wenger has told us who he wants to sign so why is everyone writing about a million strikers we are going to sign? He said he wants to sign a creative player and a powerful defender. So even if we did sign a striker, they'd be a 16 year old from Zambia or something that would be one for the future, and that's ok. Remember we have Bendtner, Eduardo, Ade, Rvp, and Theo all wanting a place in the team at striker.

4. It is June 4th, nobody should be saying that we NEED to have signed someone by now and nobody should say Wenger doesn't deserve a little holiday. If we haven't signed somebody mid-August, then we should all be worried and I'll be the first one jumping on him then, you can count on me. Until then though, it's all about patience.

5. Arsene always conducts transfer season in the same way. He keeps all his cards close to his chest and doesn't share who he is really after. Why should we expect him this year to come out with a list of players who he specifically wants to buy and share it with all of us? People are demanding answers from the great man but he's done things this same way for years. He's going to get his business done, and it'll be for an undisclosed fee like always.

6. If you are a member of the IKBTAC (I know better than Arsene Club), that does not mean that fans that aren't stressing every day over a lack of signings are not true fans or are cunts for making fun of you and your stress and insanity. We actually support Arsenal too, we just don't get our panties in a knot over Samir Nasri taking a while to sign. Reading the comments on Third-Gen's post and Arseblog's post yesterday shows that these IKBTA's don't think anyone that doesn't agree with them can give an opinion.

That's really all I have time for this morning. I may continue this list tomorrow if I think of more things. We'll see. Oh and also, check out this link from 1979 Gooner. Good stuff. Cheers


steww said...

So glad I found your blog - an oasis of common sense in the midst of some absolute madness.

JH92 said...

gr8 post. lol barry, yeh he is overrated and le grove wont shut up about how gd he is,they treat him like a god. i agree dunne no gd, not worth it lets move on. apparently we have had a 9 millions pounds turned down for zapata from udinese. maybe thats why arsene is over in italy in the first place.

ArseNole said...

surprised more people haven't gotten pissed about this post lol. You're right stew, there is some absolute madness in the world of Arsenal these days, and I'm just here trying to keep everyone sane

WeeMan said...

Disagree with you re. Barry, but generally a well thought out piece. I think Barry is worth £15m and would work as well with Fabregas as he does with Gerrard when an England manager has the sense to drop "Lucky" Fat Frank. But I'm not worrying. If Msr Wenger decides that a member of the current squad is good enough to step up to a regular first team place (my money is on Diaby if he can stay fit) then that's good enough for me.

ArseNole said...

Glad to hear from you weeman and appreciate your compliments. I agree with you, some may call us AKB's or whatever they want to say but Wenger is one of the best managers in the world and I trust him to get the job done.

Dr Whiff said...



Wow..5 comments by 13:56!!AMAZING!!
Le- Grove - 525 comments and still going??

Do you think theres a reason that you have 5 comments?

Maybe because you are AKB's...with comments like this '

'some may call us AKB's or whatever they want to say but Wenger is one of the best managers in the world and I trust him to get the job done.''

This is why no one reads this site because its oozing with AKB'ness...its kind of cringing actually?

Its a boring site in all honesty? we want funnyness and items that are open for opinion..yours is more like a newspaper article..... you read once and then leave it on the bench at West Ham station CAUSE ITS RUBBISH



Le Grouch said...

In Response to Dr Whiff, i used to read Le grove everyday but since the season has ended you lot have turned into a bunch of whinging bastards, with your AKB’S this and that. I don’t bother reading the crap spouted by you and your mates anymore. It’s the same day after day. 525 comments yep all from the same group of 10 people. O and you are such a bunch of arse lickers it's unbelievable. “Good post Geoff. Good Post Pedro - We agree completely” that’s all you ever see. If you don’t agree you are labeled an AKB and put up on their AKB widget. What a bunch of crap. If you don’t like this blog fuck off back to Le Grove and your bum chum buddies.

JH92 said...


ArseNole said...

Dr Whiff. It's not about the comments. Le Grove can have their 525, i never said it's a competition with anybody. I just write because I want to and imagine, some people actually do like to read what I write.

Being an AKB is not so bad, you know, having faith in a double winning manager, and a manger that went 49 unbeaten in the league...This is that same guy!

All the items are up for opinion on this site. If you actually read some other posts you would see lots of people disagreeing with me.

You are in fact the disgrace to Arsenal FC because you waste your time saying how bad our blogs are instead of pissing off to talk with your 5 people that comment 900 times on Le Grove.

Dr Whiff said...

JH92 & Le Crouch....if this site is soooo good, how come you dont post on it more often?

If a newspapers dont read it??

If a blogs dont read it

I rest my case

Dr Whiff said...


Calling me a cunt?? REAL mature, what are you 13/14 and just learnt new words?

Bless you...

JH92 said...

nah mate im 16 and know alot more than you pal. this is a quality blog and if you dont like it dont read it. go read le grove who think we will sign ronaldinho, richards, buffon kompany benzema and villa. your just as fickle as le grove.

JH92 said...

i tell you this dr whiff your one of those people who want usmanov to take over and want us to spend 80 million each year, am i right! wenger is the best arsenal manager ever and is and absolute legend and if you want him sacked well mate you obviously dont know alot about football, so yes AKB. you sound like a chelsea supporter to me or a spud supporter.