Friday, June 6, 2008

Arsenal Off To Amsterdam

Morning all. I was woken up way to early this morning so I'm sort of as useless as Eboue right now.

The first topic today is that Arsenal have been confirmed for Ajax's annual Amsterdam Cup, which Arsenal won last season. The other teams in the tournament are Ajax, Sevilla, and Inter Milan, who are now managed by Jose Mourinho. Arsenal will play Ajax August 8th and Sevilla on August 9th.

I like these friendly cups like the Emirates Cup and the Amsterdam Cup. We get to see the squad early on against other top sides who we could end up playing in the Champions League. I think it's great for some of the young players to get time in these matches against big teams. It's really good for their development. Plus it'll give us a good chance to see Carlos Vela against top class clubs. He's one I'm really excited about so we'll get to see what all he can do.

In Euro 2008 news, Robin van Persie is going to miss Holland's first game against Italy on Monday through injury. Marco Van Basten says he is training normally but he's just not ready to go yet. I cringe every time I see van Persie take the slightest hit, and you know we are cursed by international competitions. I just hope RvP can make it through this thing healthy.

Following up on the story yesterday about Adebayor agreeing a move to Milan, he's come out today and completely rubbished that notion.

"I am very happy here. Reports which suggest I have threatened to quit are rubbish," he said. "I love the club and the fans.

"We have a great set of players here with a fantastic team spirit.

"We have had a good season, but next year we want to go one better by winning a trophy."

Now to me that story is pretty much done and dusted because he's said several times that he doesn't want to go anywhere, and I for one am glad. I was astounded yesterday by how many people wanted Adebayor to be sold after he just had a thirty goal season at the age of 24! What more do you want from a guy who played almost every game the entire season without a steady strike partner next to him? RvP was injured, Eduardo was injured, a lot of the time he was on his own up front and yet people are apparently not happy with thirty goals. Spend more time on Championship Manager and stop trying to make decisions for Arsenal, because they are clearly terrible ones.

Apparently Giovanni Dos Santos has signed for Sp*rs. I know some fans really wanted him at Arsenal but I didn't. I don't really think he's that much quality, and going by his transfer fee (4.7 million) and the team he is signing with, a lot of people agree with me.

So you all know what tomorrow is...the start of the 2008 European Championships. If you haven't entered the contest then today is the last day you have to do so. You can visit the main page and see everyone's prediction's here. You can also email me your prediction or post it on the comments or forums. So now that I've heard everyone's predictions I suppose it's time for me to give mine. I'm going to go with Germany over France 3-1.

Well I'm going to take my time and enjoy the Euros. I'm not going to worry about transfers, and I'll probably even write about some of the Euro matches on here. If you want bollocks transfer rumors, you know where to go to find that. Till tomorrow...Cheers.

And oh yeah, Go Celtics.


PhatBastard said...

Been away for the past week...and it looks like I missed some the blogs of course as there was no new transfer news. What the heck is up Le Grove's butt? Or Dr. Whiff anyway? And what the heck is an AKB?

I've never seen Dos Santos play...but given that he couldn't break in with a quality side like Barca he's probably perfect for Spurs. Seriously he's so cheap there really isn't much risk there...but like you said Arsenal is so stocked with young strikers I don't think it would have made sense for us to get him.

As for Adebayor...I'm glad he's staying..but if someone offered 32 million pounds then I'd be willing to sell him...and maybe that's why so many people were reacting to that story.

And I feel compelled to put in my 2 cents on the new home jersey...they're okay...but I much prefer our current home kit. But oh well. Have a good weekend.

ArseNole said...

Yeah phat we've missed you and there has been quite a bit of action. Even though I never mentioned Le Grove they seem to have removed me from their link list. All I said is I report real news and don't make up stuff to get headlines. I guess they think that was directed at them.

I've seen Dos Santos play. I used to think he'd be a great player when he was like 17, but he doesn't seem to have developed all that much. We'll kick the shite out of him anyway.

I love Ade, and I don't think anyone would offer 32 million for him anyways, so I can't imagine him going anywhere. And yes I like the current home kit, but I think the new one is quite nice.

Anonymous said...

Am i the only one to have seen that on david villa's page it says he is an arsenal player

Anonymous said...

sorry meant wiki page

ArseNole said...

I just checked it out and it looks like it's been taken off of there. Can't put much faith in wiki pages though

Connolly's agent said...

I quite fancy Dos Santos. Admittedly, I like to complete the set (Vela and Dos Santos - how good does that sound?), but he's bloody talented, still only 19, and cheap. Sounds like the perfect Wenger signing. He could be one of the ones who got away.