Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Adebayor Stories Get Even Weirder

Or is it more weird? I don't know what it is grammatically, all I know is that it's getting even crazier each day.

Today we have some strange statements made by Ade himself, the first of which is:

"You can see people changing clubs because of money, because they want a change of atmosphere or to get their names in the big leagues. I just play football to enjoy myself. I play because I love it.

"We all have the same ideas and we all want to achieve something. We have a good boss which is Arsene Wenger, he tries to bring this atmosphere to the dressing room where we feel like brothers and like family.

"Those are the reasons that give us a chance to play the football we play. We play good football, now we look forward to winning trophies."

So that all sounded good and dandy, but just a little bit later in a one on one interview with Sky Sports he said:

"I am a footballer, I have a three-year contract at Arsenal but as you know, a lot of clubs are interested in me," he told Sky Sports News.

"At the moment we are just going to sit down and talk and decide what to do.

"Nothing has been decided yet. We will decide next week."

So there it sounds like he wants to leave, and pretty much confirmed it by saying:

"They have to make a good decision and I have to make a good decision. I have asked Arsenal to look at it and see what they want.

"I have a promise from the manager Arsene Wenger that they will call me next week. I am waiting for their answer and next week I will decide.

"I need to know before I come back to train on 21st July. At the moment, I am in a position that I don't know where I will play."

So to break it all down it's working like this...Adebayor wants to go to Milan. He asked Arsenal if he can move to Milan, because he still has three years left on his contract and so can't make the choice himself. Arsene Wenger said he will let the player know what his decision is next week, whether he can leave or not. Arsene Wenger, however, doesn't want to let him leave. When Wenger was asked if he would meet with Adebayor, he said that he has already met with him and he won't be doing so again.

So what we have here is a case of a disgruntled player being forced to stay at the club when he doesn't want to. It appears that he won't be sold no matter what, so he'll be forced to stay when he'd rather go. We have to ask ourselves if this is the best decision we can make here. I think Adebayor is a great player, but he is saying that he wants to go play for Milan. For 25 million quid I think we have to let him go. My guess is that an offer that big hasn't come in or they would. For that money we could bring in a striker that could hopefully do what Adebayor can do and maybe more.

The main problem here is how upset about this will Adebayor be? Will it be enough for him to lower his level of play? I don't think he's that type of person, but he might end up complaining to the press all season and then next year Milan comes in and buys out his contract and he does a Webster, leaving for much less than 25 million that we could get this year.

When players are at a club and don't want to be it can really turn into a sticky situation. We don't want a player that is going to moan all year about how he'd rather be in Milan. He may turn into a bad presence around the team and could damage team chemistry overall. The time may be now to sell him, when he so clearly wants to go. I have to say I disagree with Arsene's reaction to make him stay, sell him now and make a hefty profit would be my choice. I've been one of Ade's biggest fans throughout his time here at Arsenal, but now he's turning into the player that we don't want to have around the team. Ship him off now.

A potential replacement for Adebayor, Klaas Jan Huntelaar, reject Ajax's offer of a new contract, which could mean that he's interested in joining another club, which could be Arsenal. I'm not that big on the guy but if Adebayor did go I wouldn't be surprised if we put a bid in. He's a young prolific goal scorer and could help fill the scoring gap.

Honestly, I'm sick of the transfer window. I wish it would close. I just want to get back to playing football again. I'm thinking of flying to London for the Emirates Cup. If you know a place I can stay cheap in London let me know! I'd really appreciate it.

The Euro 2008 Final is tomorrow, Spain vs Germany. I'm going to miss it because i have work...just my luck. There are four or five people in the Euro 2008 contest who actually predicted these two teams in the final, so it'll come down to the final score to see who wins! I'll be going for Spain because of Cesc of course, who has been brilliant these last few games. It looks like he's going to start tomorrow due to the injury to David Villa. So good luck to Cesc and Spain!

I don't know what else to write. I can't be arsed with anymore transfer rumors today. Wouldn't it be great if we woke up tomorrow and Hleb and Adebayor were both sold and we had gotten 40 million for the pair of them? That's the kind of world I hope for. The new podcast should come out soon, we've lined up our first guest, Jamesgillesp from Arsespeak. It should be quite entertaining so look forward to that. Cheers, keep up the forums chatter!


jamesgillesp said...

Cheers man
Adebayor better not leave or we're in trouble i.e. goals!!

JH92 said...

he also said stuff about wanting his salary to be the same as henrys was. cmon ade you can fuck off