Monday, June 2, 2008

Nasri To Sign After the Euros

Now before you rip your hair out, kick your baby kitten, or jump off a bridge...this isn't that big of a deal. Arsene Wenger spoke about Nasri to the French press, where he is on holiday.

“Nasri, he interests me."

“I hope I will do it after the Euros.

“It is more complicated now because the wage differences [between the French and the English league] are not as big as they used to be."

Many sites are calling for Arsene Wenger to be sacked or someone else to do the transfers or to never let Nasri sign because of this delay but it really isn't a big deal at all. We all want a transfer in, so isn't it much easier to just sit and wait than to stress about it every day? What Arsene said in that comment is basically that Nasri MIGHT want a little more money than is on offer but clearly it hasn't put off Arsene because he still said he is hopeful of getting the deal done. And guess what, if it doesn't happen, we will still all live. Shocking I know. If he doesn't come, then we'll get somebody else in that Wenger thinks can be a great player for us.

Why is there all this not trusting him? Do people already forget that we got 83 points this season and were top of the league for 6 months of it? Wenger is doing his job I promise. The squad will have new players for next season and they'll be players who can do a great job for us. So don't spend every day waiting for news on Samir Nasri, who nobody even wanted before the stories came out. Just be patient and wait and let Wenger do his job.

Jens Lehmann has gotten a contract offer from Stuttgart. Good for him.

Arsene Wenger decided to join the Euro 2008 competition and gave us his prediction here.

Here's a new one, Arsenal being linked with Ronaldinho. Honestly, it's never going to happen, but it is probably just as likely as 90% of all the other transfer rumors that have been posted already this summer. I just can't ever see Wenger bringing in a 28 year old, especially one that has been injured, fat, and out of form like Ronny.

We have an update to the Hleb to Barcelona story. Barcelona's whipping boy newspaper, Sport, report that the "days are numbered" until Hleb signs with them. Sport will post anything to try and kiss up to Barcelona but in this case I hope it's true. Hleb has become one of my least favorite Arsenal players in the past few weeks and I hope he's gone.

Reports from Holland say the whole nation is waiting on the fitness of Robin van Persie. I wouldn't be that depressed honestly if he missed every game in the tournament. I know it at least gives me someone to cheer for if he plays but if he doesn't I'll actually get to watch him play at Arsenal, which is more important.

That's really all there is today. Try not to do anything drastic over the Nasri situation, you all have a lot to live for. Cheers


Steww said...

Great post. It is so depressing to read people clamouring for us to be more like Spurs or Liverpool and spend these fortunes on 'names'. All the success we've enjoyed in the last decade or so and they want to throw it away and become like everyone else.
Last summer was a typical Wenger summer. I didn't read one report linking us to Sagna and Eduardo but what utterly superb buys they both were (my personal feeling is Eduardo could have been the difference if he'd not been assaulted.) The manager knows who he wants and why, and frothing at the mouth won't change that. Sit back, relax and wait is my advice. And offer some sacrifice to the football gods that Cesc doesn't get hurt at the Euros.

ArseNole said...

Thanks for the comment steww. It seems that everyone is getting way to anxious over the whole Nasri thing, and every other transfer to be honest. Wenger never does his business like all the other teams, and I wouldn't want him to. The man is smart, he will add what we need to the team, we just need to wait and let him do it.

Anonymous said...

hey arsenole. this blog might inspire me to start ArseCane soon.

ArseNole said...

lol ArseCane huh? As a life-long hurricane hater I will let you know that i despise that part of the name but as long as you are a Gooner you're ok with me. Cheers!

Mike said...

lol "Arsecane"

"It's all about this A!"