Monday, June 16, 2008

The ArseNole Podcast

I did an ArseNole podcast today. I've been talking about it for a while and I finally did it. So check it out, let me know what you think. It's probably boring as shite but it'll get better over time I promise. If you have any ideas or contributions feel free to tell me about them. Cheers!

Listen to the Podcast here

Or, you can download the podcast here.


Loopy said...

really enjoyed the podcast, keep doing it!

ArseNole said...

Thanks loopy, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Wasn't sure what the response to it would be but at least I have one fan! Any suggestions for the next one?

jamesgillesp said...

Hey, yeah I think you did well, good effort for the first podcast!
It would be interesting if you got someone else on there with you, maybe even your brother, see what a Man Ure fan thinks.
External contributors would be good too, but I think real interview/discussion is most interesting!

ArseNole said...

Thanks for the feedback James! Interesting idea about getting my brother on the show...i may consider that for a couple of episodes, but I couldn't put up with his ManUre shite every week! I've talked to a few people about contributing on all the podcasts, so hopefully those will work out, and if you have any other ideas, or any contributions, please let me know!

JH92 said...

well done. really enjoyed the podcast! keep them coming!!

Mike said...

nicely done.

"Why do they call it the Netherlands"..."Cesc signs a new deal every 4 weeks" LOL!

I agree with you about Ronaldo. My dad says he looks like former FSU quarterback Chris Rix - who you'll remember used to gel his hair for American football games.

I talked to a United fan who says they are getting Benzema and Villa. LOL they are insufferable.

I think you're right about not over-stressing the transfer windows. I compare it to recruiting in college football, if I followed that I'd go insane.

Ok I've made too many American football references in this comment. :)

ArseNole said...

lol thanks for the feedback mike. Glad it was entertaining for you and I'll hope to make it even better.

Yeah Chris enough said about him lol.

PS: Celtics for the Championship TONIGHT!

Mike said...

C's looking good so far.

Mac'Andrews said...

Was a good try!
Continue the same way !

Father's and Ronaldo story is something very well known for me.

Good luck !

Mac'Andrews said...

and.. one more thing..
why you want to pack Ade's bags for 42 mln deal?

the thing is not 42 mln, but what are we doing with the money ?
I don't think we can't get 42 mln in the case we need to buy something of 42 mln. But we are not going to buy it. So we sale him and get MPUTU instead))). I'll not be glad for that and no one will.

Anyway i think 42 mln is too much. The starting prices are always to high. Villa is 60, but noone will give 60 for him and in the end he will defenetly move from Mestalia.
I'm prity sure in that.