Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What's It Gonna Be Arsene?

Hellllllllllllllloooooooooo everyone! I've just woken up and that means it's time for an update.

Not much going on today. I had a feeling we would actually see a transfer go through last night but I guess it's not to be.

So anyways, on with today's news.

Steve Bruce at Birmingham is after another of our young players, and this time it's Mathieu Flamini. The Flamster's legal adviser said that he is currently in talks with several clubs and will be making a decision soon. Birmingham have just been promoted this year and think Flamini will be an improvement over their current midfielders. Near the end of last year Flamini said that it was time to move on from Arsenal as he was not getting the first team football that he needed to progress, and fair play to him. He's honestly just not that great, definitely no better than Diaby or Denilson and they are both younger. Hopefully we get a couple million for him so we can get in some quality players.

Peter Hill-Wood talked about how he hopes Arsene Wenger will stay on past next summer when his contract expires, which may be the understatement of the century. We NEED Wenger to stay on for another contract. Thierry Henry said that the reason he left is because Wenger would not sign a new deal, but since that's all bollocks this is what PHW said about that:

"I am not particularly worried about what Thierry said but whether it really influenced his decision or not we will have to wait and see."

"We certainly don't think Thierry Henry going and Arsene Wenger's contract situation are in any way linked. That was just an excuse.

"I am really hopeful he (Wenger) will extend but at this moment I am only in a position of hoping.

PHW is a smart man I tell ya. I think Arsene sticks around for another contract.

We've been linked with a young striker named Chinedu Ogbuke. Arsenal scouts as well as bloody Sp*urs scouts were at his recent match to check him out. I honestly don't know anything about him, besides that he is Nigerian and plays for Lyn in Norway. If he's quality then I just hope we get him instead of Sp*urs, because it seems like they can afford to buy anyone these days while we sell our best player...yeah...

Right, that's about it. Maybe we'll have some news tomorrow. Is it just me or are West Ham and Tottenham linked with every player thought to possibly be available. Be nice if we had that kind of cash.

Cheers mates

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