Thursday, June 28, 2007

Strikers, Strikers, And More Strikers

Alright, I've got something new today. I'm going to give you the news as always but then I'm going to run like a striker comparison of sorts, meaning I'll give you the facts about each of the strikers Arsenal is linked with. But first, on to the news.

Nicolas Anelka has once again been linked with us, as well as Manchester United. I think he's definitely someone Arsene is looking to sign. We've been over my opinion on him, and I'll get to more of it anyways later on.

Obafemi Martins is another target, and The Independent is reporting that we are lining up a 13 million pound off for him to activate his buy-out clause. 13 million seems a bit much to me for him, (only 3 million less than Henry!?) but we'll see how it turns out nevertheless.

The press is also linking us with Eto'o again, saying that he would like a move to Arsenal or Chelsea. If this is the case, why didn't we end up swapping him for Henry? I don't think Wenger really wants Eto'o honestly. I think he's quality but there must be something about him for Wenger to have not wanted to make a swap deal.

Freddie Ljungberg has again reiterated his desire to stay at Arsenal through his agent. If he stays, I really hope for his sake he has a much better year than the last two, he's been dreadful.

Right, so now on to THE STRIKER COMPARISON! Yeahhhhhh.

1. Carlos Tevez
Height: 1.70 meters (5 feet 7 inches)
Probable Fee:
He was bought by West Ham for 12 million pounds. I would figure him to be higher value now, so anywhere from 13 million to 16/17 million pounds.
Overview: We've all seen him play in the Premiership. He's a good player, fast, strong, and can score goals. It took him awhile to start scoring at West Ham, but once he did he was really the main factor in saving them from relegation. A very young player that I think would fit into our system, and would be a good signing.

2. Obafemi Martins
Height: 1.70 meters ( 5 feet 7 inches)
Probable Fee: He has a 13 million pound buyout clause in his contract, so we could buy him for that much with Newcastle having no way to stop it, unless the player just chose to stay there, which he wouldn't.
Overview: Another pacy striker, with a cannon of a foot. He actually had a shot clocked at 84 mph, the 9th hardest shot in football history! He seems to be a bit of a nutter though, with reports that someone tried to kill him back home in Nigeria just last week. I like him as a player, and he is a lot of people's choice to replace Henry.

3. Samuel Eto'o
Height: 1.8 meters (5 feet 11 inches)
Probable Fee: Unknown really, my guess would be 16-20 million pounds
Overview: Our supposed reasons for letting Henry leave was to get Eto'o in a swap least that's what we all thought. Turns out Barcelona decided to keep them both. He's a quality player, has kind of an ego but so did Thierry. Very fast and I think he would fit in perfectly with our system, but the price tag may just be too high for him, as we have other needs as well as a striker.

4. Nicolas Anelka
Height: 1.85 meters (6 feet 0 inches)
Probable Fee: Reported to be 11 million pounds
Overview: Another player with an ego problem, but another possibility. He is the oldest out of the strikers we have been linked with, but maybe the most likely to be bought. He knows the Arsenal system and would love a move away from Bolton I'm sure. He's definitely quality but we just don't know if Arsenal wants to take the risk in bringing him back.

And that about wraps that up. A lot of people will be thinking I should have gone on and put Babel in here, but I think he's play mostly wing for us anyways. Huntelaar is another option, but I just haven't heard much in the way of us making a move for him. As always, I will let you know if that changes.

Good day all.




Anonymous said...

i think tevez would be a good signing, and hes just said he doesn't want to go to inter milan, and hes said hes interested in us and wants to stay in london so i can't see y we shouldn't put an offer in for him, anelka would also be good altho the other players might not appreciate his attitude on and off the pitch, martins would be a very good signing i think, he holds the ball upwell and 17 goals in his first year in english football proves he knows where the goal is. any of these 3 would be good, we just need someone to fill the void henry has left and i feel that these 3 are all capable of doing that.

ArseNole said...

I agree they would all be good signings. Out of the three I like Martins or Tevez the best, but only because they are younger. All three are quality players, it's just whichever one we can get for the right price. My gut tells me it's Anelka