Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Searching for the Replacement

Hello all. Just a little bit of news today, but I'll go over it nonetheless. This will be the first post in the last week with nothing about Thierry Henry, and I suppose it will stay that way unless he decides Eto'o is a twat and heads straight back to London, which clearly won't happen. But anyways.

Ryan Babel says his move to Arsenal will not happen this summer, which is disappointing to me in a way. I really think he is a talent, only 20 years old, he's fast and skillful and most of all, he's a winger that can also play striker. We could really use him and his price tag isn't too high right now. He continues by saying,

"There will be a time when I play at Arsenal. But there is nothing at the moment."

Hmm wonder who his favorite club is?

Bakari Sagna
has stated that if an offer comes in from Arsenal, Auxerre needs to accept it because he wishes to head for the Emirates. He says he talked to Abou Diaby about playing here and Diaby said that he likes it a lot and that it makes you a better player. Well at least somebody has a positive word about the club. He's a right back! Don't we already have 2 right backs that just signed new deals recently? Please, please Arsene, do not waste what money we have on him, there are so many more pressing needs than another full back.

Carlos Tevez has also been linked with us recently as a replacement for Thierry Henry. He says the move would excite him, but I think in general he is just talking about a move to anywhere away from West Ham. Inter and Real Madrid are also interested, and he stated that he would rather play for Inter than Real. No word where Arsenal fits into that picture, although he did say he likes the Premiership and likes that he wouldn't have to move out of London. I like Tevez but I think there might be better options available. Wouldn't complain if we got him though.

In a bit of non-Arsenal news that still interests me so it may interest you all, is that Yaya Toure has moved to Barcelona for 10 million euros. I like him as a player and although we have a packed inner midfield cast, I would have liked to see him join up with his Brother at Ashburton Grove.

And last of all, Nicolas Anelka was seen at Arsenal in the last few days. No doubt they are working out a contract, which would mean they already have the fee with Bolton worked out. Not sure he is the best option either, but Arsene knows what he's getting at least.

Not much else for now. Good day all. Cheers!


Stevo said...

How do you know that Anelka has been at Arsenal? There weren't any reports suggesting that. If true, I think with him we might have a word in the title challenge this year.

As for Sagna, I don't know why we need another full back, we already have three, not two, you forgot Gilbert who was on loan at Cardiff. That would be a total waste of money I think, unless he would be played at left back, as I read that he is comfortable on the both sides.

And yeah, it wouldn't be good if we don't sign Babel. He has set his heart on a move to the Gunners and RvP is a great friend of his, but Wenger seems to have other ideas. And I think he should sign more players like him, who like to play for Arsenal and you know would be loyal.

ArseNole said...

I don't think Gilbert is quite good enough to play for the first team yet honestly, that's why i didn't list him.

I agree that we should get players who want to play for Arsenal. We know that he would try his best all the time, so hopefully we end up signing him.