Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Transfer Window Special

Since the news around Arsenal is fairly slow these days, I've decided to on this second day of the ArseNole to give you what I think is a unique view on the transfer window. The way this will work is I'm going to mention every player I have heard us linked with and give a little summary of him and whether or not I think it will actually happen. Then if I have time I'll do a bit on the players I think will be leaving Arsenal in the summer. So let's kick it off then eh?

News of the Day:

To start off we have a bit of news from the day. Barcelona want Arsene Wenger to take over as manager for Frank Rijkaard. Of course this is all very confusing as just today Barcelona also reported that they have absolutely no interest in releasing Rijkaard from his post.

"Frank Rijkaard will be the trainer of Barca next season"

The Spanish press is always coming up with stories, which brings me to Jose Antonio Reyes. Reyes scored a brace for Real Madrid after coming on as a substitute to give Madrid the title over Barcelona. Now he is saying he hopes that will make Real decide to keep him.

"Scoring two goals to help us win the last game of the season when we needed a victory is a great feeling for me, and I hope they aren't my last goals for Real Madrid," said Reyes.

Jeremie Aliadiere has moved on, signing today with Middlesbrough. He's on a three year deal with an option to exted the deal. Let's wish him the best. He had been at Arsenal for seven years and with injuries and such he just never quite made it up to scratch.

Meanwhile, Peter Hill-Wood met with Stan Kroenke again, and things seem to be working out much better between them. While Hill-Wood had previously said he would not have anything to do with "his money of his sort," he had this to say:

"It went perfectly well," said Hill-Wood.

"I hope we will be able to work with him in the future just as we would with any interested people."

Now for a bit on our transfer targets this summer:

Samuel Eto'o: We have probably all seen him play at Barcelona. Very fast, good strength and power. He is a proven goalscorer. He would definitely make up for were Thierry would leave off if he were to leave in perhaps a swap deal. I think he would be a great fit for our system. He is good off the ball, can pass and move, and be a club's top scorer. He commands a big price but I think that if any deal is to be done then it would have to involve a swap for Henry.

Chance of seeing him in red and white: 50%

Miguel Veloso: A Portuguese player currently playing with Sporting Lisbon. He can play as a center midfielder or a centre-back. I have not gotten to see him play very much, but he's another young one to watch. He did put a great free kick past the Holland keeper in the U-21 Championships. I don't think it's highly likely that we'll sign him but he has been mentioned with Arsenal.

Chance of seeing him in red and white: 15%

Miguel: Another Portuguese player who is currently playing for Valencia. He's a quality right-back in my opinion, and one I wish we would've gotten after last year's World Cup. He's very good going forward and competent in defense, and I'd personally take him over Eboue or Hoyte. Due to the fact that we just signed both of them to new deals however, it doesn't look likely that he'll be at the Emirates any time soon.

Chance of seeing him in red and white: 10%

Bakary Sagna: Yet another right back, this one is French, playing for Auxerre. Haven't seen much on him either, but like Miguel, his arrival in my opinion is doubtful due to the two right backs we currently have tied to contracts. We sold Lauren to help Hoyte and Eboue progress, so I can't see us bringing in another right back.

Chance of seeing him in red and white: 10%

Ryan Babel: This is a player I actually would like to see us sign. He is a young dutchman playing for Ajax currently. The thing I like about him is he can play as a striker or on the wing, and could maybe provide the goals from the wing we have been lacking since Pires left. He is very fast with a strong leg and a good eye for goal. Reminds me somewhat of Thierry with his pace and inventiveness. This one actually looks promising.

Chance of seeing him in red and white: 70%

David Trezeguet: The only way this goes through is if Henry decides to stay. Trezeguet is a 29 year old striker playing for Juventus, and a mate of Theirry's from the French national team. Supposedly we would be signing him to "Keep Thierry happy." Bollocks I say, we shouldn't sign a player just because Thierry needs a friend. While he would be our fox in the box type striker we have felt was needed in the past, he is too old for my liking to bring in and frankly I don't think he's good enough either.

Chance of seeing him in red and white: 30%

Florent Malouda: Another winger that we've been linked with, even more now that Ribery has already moved. He is over valued by his club Lyon, at 13 million pounds. I don't believe Arsene Wenger would pay that, but I think he does know we need a winger and we know he loves his French players. I'm not that impressed with him honestly and hope we don't get him, especially for the price they are asking. But in our current state and with the lack of quality wingers out there, it wouldn't surprise me if we did.

Chance of seeing him in red and white: 40%

Nicolas Anelka: The Bolton cunty Wanderers striker has been linked with a return to the club recently. As he left on bad terms before it seems unlikely to me that we'll bring him back, but supposedly Wenger is looking into it. He does have good pace and is a good finisher, definitely a good talent, but maybe too much trouble to bring him back into the fold.

Chance of seeing him in red and white: 20%

Lorenzo De Silvestri: Another defender we have been linked with, this one is the Italian U-19 captain. Supposedly Wenger has been looking at him for some time and now it appears Lazio would be willing to part with him. Haven't seen much of anything from him but as we just brought in the young Norwegian defender I doubt we'd buy him this summer, but maybe next. You never know with Wenger though, he likes to get as many good young ones as he can.

Chance of seeing him in red and white: 25%

There are a bunch of other names we have been linked with, most unrealistic, but these seem to be the main ones we are tracking at the moment. Names like Fernando Torres, David Villa, and others have come up as options to replace Henry, but I do not believe any of these moves will happen.

I'll get to the players who will be leaving the club tomorrow. Good day to you all. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading.


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