Monday, June 25, 2007

Well it's official...

Thierry Henry is officially gone. As long as he passes his medical then everything is completed. I'm kind of over it now honestly. I think it'll all come up for me again when we start the season, but for now I'm beginning to get used to the fact that he's gone. Henry has described his move to Barcelona as "incredible," which is bollocks because it makes me feel like he hasn't enjoyed playing here, at least this last year. It also says he talked to Cesc about moving before he completed it. You suppose Cesc said, "Alright chap just skip on over to Barcelona, don't worry about us!" I think it's pretty strange that Cesc wouldn't try to get him to stay, but maybe he did, who knows.

Diego Forlan has been linked with us. Supposedly the asking price of Villareal is 15.5 million pounds. Only half a million less than our beloved Henry? Wow. Did everyone forget how bad Forlan was in the Premiership. I hope we don't sign him. There are much better players than him.

I trust Arsene Wenger, I really do. I think the reason he sold Henry is because it really is the right direction to go in and will make us better overall. Next year Adebayor, Van Persie, Bendtner, and Walcott will have to step up and score the goals we will be missing from Henry. I definitely think Van Persie has the quality to bring his game up even more. He'll be exciting to watch. Whoever we bring in needs to be similar to Henry. Fast, skillful, someone who makes good runs and can pass as well. I think Arsene already knows who he wants. He wouldn't have let him leave if he didn't. This is not the end of the mighty Gunners, it's just another step. We've lost brilliant players before, Overmars, Anelka, Vieira, Pires, Bergkamp, but we've gotten through it. True Henry is a different player than all of them, but he is still able to be replaced, and we will get through it.

Not much else in the news today. Let me know who you think should replace Titi, or what you think about the site. Good day all.



Anonymous said...

hey, great blog,
id just like to say that i truly thank henry for what hes done for arsenal, and i wish the best of luck in the future, i think well definately get over him, if wenger really thought henry would be at his best next season he would never have sold him, also we didn't have him for most of last year and we still managed ok, we were also without van persie from january so we shouldn't all panick, if arsene brings in a top signing or two we will be fine, i think anelka would be a good signing altho he is a bit arrogant and may annoy some of the other players in the dressing room, i also think cisse would be a pretty good signing, hes quick and can score goals, which is all we need really, a swap between reyes and torres would be nice but i don't think atletico madrid would allow that without a considerable amount of money added into it, bringing in ryan babel would also be a gd signing.
well, whatever happens, im sure wenger will make the right decisions and will prove to everyone that it was right to sell henry.

Stevo said...

Good luck to Henry, but now we need to start a new era and with the players we have we certainly can become a dominant force in both England and Europe, we just need to be patient wiht the players to mature and progress and we should be fine.

As for replacement, Forlan is the last name on my mind from all the players we have been linked to. I prefer Torres, then Huntelaar, Bent and maybe Klose. With a striker capable of scoring 20+ goals per season we would definetly have a helluva great team.

Keep the faith