Friday, June 29, 2007

Sagna Deal Close? Wenger Staying

A bit of news today, it looks like we may be able to keep our manager after all. The BBC reported last night that Gilles Grimandi was officially being promoted to the position of Director of Football and Wenger would sign a new contract when he returned from his holiday. Gilles has been a scout for us and we can't forget the legendary tackle on Edgar Davids in the Bergkamp testimonial. It's very good news if Arsene Wenger does sign the deal. That shows that he is still committed to and believes in this squad we have. I was a little worried really that he might not stay but it appears he is going to, and will have his mate Gilles running player negotiations.

Bakari Sagna is looking more and more likely to sign with us, as it has been reported that one offer by Arsenal has been turned down. No idea how much we're going to pay for this guy, but I'd hope it wasn't much considering we have Hoyte, Eboue, Gilbert, Clichy, and Traore all as promising full-backs. Doesn't leave much room for another one really and I hope if we bring him in we won't be forced to get rid of one. I'm not an Eboue fan with his diving antics so if I had to pick one to go honestly it'd be him, but I don't see that happening.

Sp*urs paid 16.5 million pounds for Darren Bent. This is completely insane. Do they know Thierry Henry was sold for only 16 million? I think Sp*rs are just trying to buy everyone that they can to get into the Champion's League, and the funny thing will be when it still doesn't happen. We play them in September, can't wait for that one.

Manchester United appear to be interested in Michael Owen. Maybe that means they aren't as interested in Nicolas Anelka anymore? Who knows, but they can have Owen. He'll break a hip the first week he's in training.

That's about it for the day. I don't really expect much big news tomorrow as Wenger is still on holiday, but you never know. Cheers

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Anonymous said...

wenger staying will make my year, what a boost to the players aswell.
im not too sure if we really to sign sagna, we have lots of other capable players in that position, but after laurens departure in january maybe it is a good idea to sign another full back, it will also be good to bring a bit more experience into the side for next season aswell, altho hes only 24 himself.