Sunday, June 24, 2007

Still Recovering

So now it's day 2 of knowing we will no longer see Thierry Henry in the red and white of Arsenal. I'm still shocked, frankly. I still can't believe only 16 million quid for him, and no Eto'o. Terrible. Makes me hate Barcelona even more, but i digress...

Henry gave a final farewell to the fans, saying he will be a 'Gunner for life.' Well mate you would have been if you had followed through with what you said about never playing in Spain and seeing out your career with Arsenal. He says that now he will always look to see the Arsenal scores because now he is an Arsenal fan. Well Thierry I look at the scores as well and nobody is in love with me because of it. Honestly I'm pissed. Don't sign a new contract and say you're staying for the rest of your career then leave a year later because David Dein walked out on the board. What do you all think? It's driving me mad that he'd leave after one year of his contract and especially after having the sub par year he had.

Frank McLintock had a really good statement about Henry's excuses, saying he wishes he'd rather a player come out and say that he's had some great years but now he thinks it's time to move on.

Several sources are now saying that Nicolas Anelka will be Henry's replacement. I put him in my transfer window preview earlier last week but now the chances of him coming look much higher with Henry gone. They're saying he'll move here for 11 million pounds. That leaves us 5 million from the Henry sale, 2 million from the Aliadiere sale, and maybe some more from the Reyes sale. Hopefully we use that money to bring in a winger at least.

Alberto Aquilani has also been linked with us. I really don't know much about him besides that he is a midfielder and he plays for Roma in Italy. Arsene loves the young players, but I don't see the point in another young midfielder while we have Cesc, Diaby, and Denilson that will all want playing time.

I have decided who I think Arsenal should sign. If you haven't seen Sergio Aguero play, he's amazing. I don't know what we would have to pay for him, but if there is any way we can get him, I think he would be a perfect replacement for Thierry. Tell me what you think.

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Good day all.



Anonymous said...

I think Aguero would be a great signing. I hope with the money we got for Henry we can get him in to London. Would be great for us

Stevo said...

As I said, I prefer Torres, although Aguero has potential to become one of the world bests.