Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wenger Ready To Spend Big

Morning everyone. The transfer talk has started in full since we're out of every competition, so there's going to be a lot of talk and very little action for the next few months by my estimation. It's amazing how every single year people, including the media, think we are going to go on a spending spree and by five great players for big money that are ready to play right away. It never ever happens. We'll probably buy one or two players who Wenger think have the potential to start, but not overpriced players, and then we'll buy a youngster or two. This is how it works every year.

So today we start with Arsene Wenger saying he is not "scared" to spend big money if he finds the right player whom he thinks is worth it.

"Scared of what? I would not be scared." "If we have the money, and I am convinced it is worth it, we will do it."

Now something interesting is said here. Wenger says "if we have the money." Listening to Keith Edelman and the rest of the board it sounds like Arsene has loads of money, in fact the stated number was 70 million pounds. So why would Arsene say if we have the money when clearly we do? Who knows? Maybe it's to try to work down other teams that would want more money if they thought we had tons. Anyways, I think maybe for once this talk from Wenger could be heading toward a signing we have heard of before.

Now for some exit talk, and of course it starts with Hleb and Flamini. Hleb's agent (who has become quite a prick) is linking his client with every team imaginable just about trying to drum up an offer for him.

"I'm often approached about Hleb...I have nothing to hide; Aleksandr is a world-class player. Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona are interested in him. But there are no official offers."

There are reports of a huge transfer fee for him, and if we did get an offer with anything over 10 million quid I say sell him. He is a good player but he never scores and if he wants to go we may as well let him.

As for the Flamster, he's wanted by Bayern and Juve. I want your opinions on Flamini, I really do. Do you think he's staying or going? I have to say my opinion is that he is going. It's mid-April and there's no news of him even being close to signing a new deal, while the list of clubs after him add up. I think he's gone, what do you think?

Now as for players coming in the player on most everyone's mind is Hatem Ben Arfa. He hasn't been playing as much at Lyon as he would like and seems to know of our interest because he says his future will be sorted out at the end of the season. He does, however, say that he is happy at Lyon and his talks for a new contract are progressing. I think it could be good that he is getting less playing time, maybe they are preparing to sell Ben Arfa so they want to give other players a run out. Guess we shall see. We've also been linked with his team mate Karim Benzema, but I don't see that one happening.

For news on the dressing room atmosphere, it is once again Emmanuel Adebayor saying to pick ourselves up and finish strong this season.

"It is difficult, but I know my mum will be somewhere watching the TV, so I have to play for her, all my family and all the people who love Arsenal.

"We have to win all those games now, to play for our honour and for our fans."

It's always Adebayor encouraging us on. Adebayor, Toure, and Gilberto are always the ones providing us with the motivation and are always willing to work for it.

This is going to set me off on a rant so here goes, scroll down if you want to skip it. I'm SO SICK of people criticizing Adebayor at every opportunity! If you read other sites posts or their comments all you see is how crap Adebayor is or why he shouldn't be in the team. He's scored 26 goals! Nobody else is even close to that for us. Not only that, he's scored important goals too. He scored in both legs against Liverpool, scored at Milan, scored in countless league games, and a lot of times he is playing up front by himself! Since when was 26 goals a terrible return worthy of you being shipped off to play for a shite team? Does van Persie ever score 26 goals? No, but nobody is saying how he should be sold or given away for free. Is it just because he is not Thierry Henry? No, his finishing isn't brilliant. But his work rate is unmatched and his runs are good and he is out there for us every single game without fail trying to get us wins. I'm sick of reading ridiculous articles like this one and reading comments like these. He is not to blame for us losing out on the title. There are, believe it or not, eleven players on the pitch at a time and they all had a part in it. Robin van Persie hasn't scored since his return except for that one penalty and nobody blames him because of the injury. But they blame a guy who is NEVER injured and has worked all year when he doesn't score every match. Point is, Adebayor is our best striker and we'd be well worse off without him so piss off you whining scumbag fans who hate him.

There, that feels better. Leave your comments on Flamini, Hleb, Adebayor, Ben Arfa, or anything you want. There's also quite a good discussion going in yesterday's comments if you wanna have a look at that. Good day everyone.


phatbastard said...

I hate to say it but I concur...I really think Flamini is going. I hope it's not the case...and I hope the lure of continuing his great partnership with Cesc will keep him here. If he does leave...do we buy someone to replace him? Or does Gilberto take his position back? And his arm band as well? Awhile ago I remember reading hat Loic Perrin was thought to be a possible replacement. Last year I thought Denilson would be the one to eventually replace Gilberto...just wonder if he's ready.

I have mixed feelings about losing Hleb...he's so good on the ball...I think he's responsible for a fair amount of the beautiful football we play...I just wish he'd shoot a little more.

And I couldn't agree more about Adebayor...for me I think he needs to play opposite a player like RVP or Eduardo...when they weren't available or on form and the defense could focus on him I think it wore him down. But I love the guy!

One final question...I know this isn't a popular name around here...but has Arsene ever replaced David Dein in terms of having someone to work with the front office?

ArseNole said...

Loic Perrin has been linked with us yes, but only once that I can remember so it may have just been the press creating their own news as usual.

I think Denilson will be a good player, but I cannot see him coming in next year and shutting down Kaka like Flamini did. He needs time.

Adebayor to me is player of the season along with Sagna and Flam.

Gilles Grimandi was promoted to director of football so he does help Wenger some with certain things in the front office but not nearly in the capacity that Dein did.

phatbastard said...

Hard to argue with Sagna...brilliant signing and you can argue his loss had a significant impact on our recent defeats to the likes of Liverpool in the CL, Chelsea and Man U in the league.

What do you think is Denilson's best position in the future? Good point about him not being ready for the likes of Kaka...but seriously at this time last year if I told you that Flamini would become a dominant player in our midfielder and completely lock down players like Kaka would you have believed it?

Here's a name I would love to see Arsenal add...Yoann Gourcuff...but I don't see that happening....though his being french doesn't hurt...

ArseNole said...

My feeling on Denilson is he is more of a Cesc than a Flamini. Some people may disagree but I see him as more of an attacking mid than a defensive one. We've seen that he has some shooting boots from distance and his passing and link up play to me is better than his tackling and marking. As far as Gouffran is concerned, I read that we signed him and actually reported that we did.You can read it here He has been on the radar though.

phatbastard said...

Oh man I forgot all about Gouffran....I wouldn't mind adding him to the club...personally I'd take him and Vela coming in and be happy at striker as long as RVP is healthy. Though truth be told I'd trade both of them and Bendtner for a Huntelaar or Benzema.

The player I was speaking of was Yoann Gourcuff, the AC Milan midfielder...he's nicknamed (fair or not) "Petit Zizou". He's getting no games at AC Milan...he's french... and I think I've heard Arsene make mention of him at some point in the last year.

Just curious if you ever listen to World Soccer Daily. Lately they've been talking a lot about how Arsenal might benefit from having more British players especially in Central defense. What's your take...I know we have a lot of english youngsters in the reserves...but I can't think of any English central defenders who we could add that would be better then what we have.

ArseNole said...

Sorry read your comment wrong. I've heard a bit about Gourcuff, just haven't seen him play much. I don't really know much of anything about him and it's hard to judge someone that never gets any games. I'm sure Wenger knows a lot about him but I think he's more of a Cesc type player isnt he?

Yes I listen to WSD almost daily, but there are things you must take into account. The hosts of this show HATE Arsenal. It's almost ridiculous the way they talk about us. Especially Steven who is a Chelski cunt. Name one English center back better than what we have. Like you said, there aren't any. I can't think of one single English player I would buy right now with the exception of MAYBE Micah Richards. But not for the price he would command.

phatbastard said...

Agreed...about WSD...love the show but they are brutal towards Arsenal...my favorite is when they say they're not "having a go" at arsenal...and then they do! But yeah I sat down and tried to think of a English central defender that I would take ahead of Toure and Gallas...I can't think of one...I would have liked to have brought in Woodgate in January...but he's so injury prone...and when everyone is healthy I'd take Toure and Gallas. Micah Richards is a good player...but I agree, he's way too overvalued right now. I remember a lot of talk about Curtis Davies...but he was overpriced and last I heard he hadn't done much at Aston Villa.

As for Gourcuff...from what I've seen he is a Fabregas type player...not sure if he can play out on the wing, or maybe he could play behind a striker in a 4-4-1-1, but like you said it's hard to tell when this kid never plays. I will say I'd like to see Cesc get a few more games off next year and not have to pay the huge price we do currently when he's not on the pitch.

Today Kenny from WSD threw out 3 names he thinks Arsenal should get this offseason...Huntelaar to which I respond "duhhh"! But he also mentioned Werder Bremen's Diego who I would love to have in the squad especially if we lose some of our midfielders, and Christoph Metzelder who's a central defender for Real. Don't know much about him but he's big! Thoughts?

ArseNole said...

I really don't see Huntelaar happening. Don't know why I just don't see it. Actually I do know why. He plays in Holland. Anyone can score goals in Holland. His price is looking like it's too high for a gamble like that (I've seen him rated at 20 million pounds!). Diego there has been some talk about too, but I don't know much about him really so I can't give many thoughts there. Metzelder I have seen play quite a few times and he is a decent player. I don't know if he's for sale though really but I do think he'd be interesting next to Toure, but then what to do about Gallas? I don't like that we have to bench one of those two and since Gallas is captain it would most likely be Toure. Unless we get rid of one of them...(maybe a Gallas for Metzelder swap deal of some sort?) then I don't really know what you do about that.

As for Cesc, it'd be nice to see him get a rest against teams like Hull (who are looking likely for promotion), Wigan, Birmingham, etc. I think Denilson will be able to step into that role though. A lot of people don't rate him but I have supreme confidence that he will step up next year.

phatbastard said...

You know as much as I like to throw out big names like Huntelaar and Benzema...I truly believe the players Wenger brings in this off season are likely to be of the Eduardo/Sagna variety...and by that I mean quality players that I've never heard (which doesn't mean much) who will turn out to be good players. As for central defenders...will we see Havard Nordtveit in the Carling Cup next year? He sounds like one for the future.