Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Last Chance at a Trophy This Year

Morning everyone. Oh how I've missed you all. I've been gone at Spring Break for the last week and couldn't type anything up where I was but I assure you I am back with a vengeance now, and not a moment too soon. We've got Liverpool yet AGAIN today, who I am utterly sick of. We've drawn 1-1 in both of the previous matches with them in the past week which means we're going to have to score at Anfield today if we're going to progress.

Injury news ahead of the game isn't really a lot, Sagna and Rosicky are still out but Robin van Persie is in the squad after passing a fitness test.

So the lineup will probably look something like this:


Does anyone else wish we had another really good strike option alongside Adebayor? I know RvP is generally good but he hasn't done very well since he's come back from injury and I don't like the Bendtner/Adebayor partnership much. I'm being optimistic by putting Walcott on the wing, because there is a chance Eboue could start but Walcott is a much better option. And you probably saw this somewhere else but he's really wanting a start. He even went to ask Arsene Wenger what he had to do to start. Let's give it to him tonight Arsene.

So we know we have to get a goal, so we have to think where can that goal come from? The most likely candidate to me is obviously Adebayor, but he is on poor form so it may have to come from somewhere else. I think Walcott could maybe get one. He can get through the defense, it's just a matter of him finishing. Maybe RvP could do it but I for one am extremely frustrated with how little he has done for us since his return. But I really think the goal may end up coming from Cesc or Flamini. Cesc has scored this year, even though it's not lately, and he usually plays well in big games and comes through when we need it. Just look at the Milan game. Flamini on the other hand doesn't score that much but he seems to pop up with crucial goals in big games. I can remember him scoring winners against United and Chelsea in the past and I'm sure there are others but maybe he could nick one today.

The real key to the game besides that one goal is our defense. Liverpool are going to play Torres as the lone striker with Gerrard behind him, and we absolutely cannot let them score, which we haven't been able to do this year. In fact our defense hasn't stopped goals from much anybody this year. I blame most of them really on the Gallas/Toure partnership, as it looked like we conceded far less when it was Senderos and Gallas in the middle. I don't know what Arsene sees putting them out there together but they never look like they are organized and neither one of them is a real muscler. After we get that first goal though they are going to come at us and we have to be able to hold off that little girl Torres and that hubcap thief Gerrard. C'mon lads now is the time to hold it together!

So my final score prediction is going to be 2-2. I know that is a ton of goals but I feel like after we score they'll really come at us and we'll have to grab another one. Maybe I'm just being optimistic for a good game though. Probably be 1-1. Oh well.

Enjoy the match everyone. I hope we're back to face Chelsea or Fener next time. Cheers!

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Mike said...

I hope to see Walcott starting as well. This is the time to put Theo out there and let him come of age, not stick with Eboue and watch him dribble into dead ends and constantly tempt fate with yellow and red cards.