Thursday, April 17, 2008

Arsenal Season Highlights

Hello everyone. Today will be different than the usual rubble because I'm sick of transfer news every day already. The season isn't even over yet and all they talk about is the 100 players we're linked with every day, so today I'm posting videos of our highlights. For those fans who are pessimistic or have felt this season was a waste and no fun at all, you need to watch these. There really were some great times this season. This first video is one of our run in the Champion's League.

Who can forget Cesc's goal against Milan? It really was just incredible. This second video is a Top 10 goals compilation from the season since I couldn't find a full season highlight video. The goals are great though and I can remember the moments when we scored them. It really makes me feel better about the whole year. Check it out.

Flamini's Goal vs Newcastle, Diaby's vs Derby, both Ade's and Cesc's versus Sp*rs. All of them were brilliant. And what more can you say about RvP's free kick vs Sunderland?

So I'm sorry if you wanted your news today because I just can't post more transfer rumors today. I'll make sure to do that all summer. Hope you enjoyed the highlights everyone.


Mike said...

Thanks so much for posting those, some great memories.

I think Hleb had more shots against Slavia Prague than in the rest of the season combined! We need to email him this video as a reminder. I'm glad the author of that video included the entire buildup to our 6th goal against Slavia, that was vintage Arsenal.

You are dead on about Cesc's shot in Milan. INCREDIBLE! Just based on that one match, I would say this season was not a waste. First English team to win at the San Siro, that's something you remember forever. I loved the shot of the crying Milan fan LMAO I hate those guys.

And that was such a penalty against Liverpool in the 1st Leg :(
oh well

phatbastard said...

dude you say it's too early for transfer news (true) well for me it's too early for season highlight videos...I already consider this season a success...if the highs hadn't been so damn high then this low (no trophies) wouldn't be quite so low for me. It's tough when most of my favorite moments of this season have been followed by some of my least...Sagna's goal against Chelsea...Walcott's run in the CL. Hopefully the boys will close out this season on a high...add some highlights to those video...especially with Derby on the schedule.