Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday News

Hello all, it's Sunday and there is absolutely shite for news today. I've been looking for interesting things for the last twenty minutes and there isn't anything that interesting so I'm just going to put some shite together and hope everyone likes it. If you don't like it just talk about how we are going to sign David Villa, Kaka, Ronaldinho, and Messi in the comments or something. Yeah.

This article from Sportingo links us with Ribery, Huntelaar, and Yaya Toure. It seems like everyone in the world wants us to sign Huntelaar besides myself, and I suspect a very large portion of the people that say we should sign him have never watched him in matches and they only watch youtube videos of him. Ribery will not be happening. He only just signed with Bayern Munich last summer and his price is too high. Same thing goes for Toure. It does make me think about Toure though. Remember the last few summers before he moved to Barca how we were always linked with him? What a great time it would be to have him now. If Flamini leaves we'd have another wonderful defensive midfielder that can go right into the side and on top of that, he's Kolo's brother! It makes me wish we had made a move.

In other transfer news which is probably bollocks, we've been linked with someone named Nikolai Dimitrov , Gareth Barry, and Miralem Pjanic. I haven't heard of the first or last but there is a lot of talk among fans that Barry would be a good signing. Honestly, I'm not a fan of him but some people think he could take the place of Flamini. I don't think Arsene would pay that much for him though when he could get a foreign player for cheaper that is just as good.

If you're into comedy, you can read this post by a Sp*rs fan who thinks the balance of power is shifting from Arsenal to his shite club. I'm pretty sure they have thought this since they were created, but it's never quite worked out for the cunts. You can't help but laugh.

Young Guns gives us an update on our Under 16 team, who thrased Toulouse 8-0. Now that's a real hammering.

And last but not least is Arsene Wenger talking about Flamini and how he really wants him to stay. He says the decision shouldn't come down to money, because an extra 10,000 a week or so isn't all that huge in the grand scheme of things. Now I personally wouldn't mind an extra 10,000 quid a week, but then again I think I would take 50,000 a week to play for Arsenal. Shoot, I'd pay THEM to let me play for Arsenal. Flamini has two days left after today to sign his deal, as Arsene has set an April deadline for him, and then we'll know his future for sure. Let's hope he signs it. C'mon Matty, save us a lot of trouble this transfer window and just re-sign!

That's it for today. I'll get a Derby preview up later tonight or tomorrow morning. Cheers.

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phatbastard said...

I was glad to see Arsene come out and express publicly that he really wants Flamini to stay....I'm still not confident but you have to think that Cesc is in his ear as well...and that can't hurt. If he stays I'm definitely getting a new kit with Flamini's name on it. Guess we'll have to sweat this one out....meanwhile....let's crush Derby....and kick in that effing cunt Robbie Savage's face...enjoy the championship you twat!