Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hleb Charged With Violent Conduct

Morning all. The news this morning is from the fallout of the Reading game. The FA have reviewed the footage of Alex Hleb's slap on Graham Murty and decided to charge him with violent conduct, which most likely means he'll receive a 3 match ban and end his season early. It was about the same as what Aliadiere did to get a red card earlier in the year and so I suppose he deserves it if we're going by that standard. Just a shame he'll get the same punishment as that cunt Martin Taylor.

So now we have a problem on the wings yet again. The boss may decide to play van Persie out on the left wing and put Bendtner and Adebayor up front, or he could play Walcott on the left and put Eboue on the right, or maybe Diaby or Denilson will get to play on the left wing if they are healthy. It really shows yet again that we need another winger this summer.

Some transfer news has one source claiming that Liverpool are going to bid for Theo Walcott in the summer, which right pisses me off. If Arsene sold him to the scousers I would be instantly at the front of the "Arsene has lost his mind" bandwagon. The way Theo has played the last few months has been incredible and shows what we have all been hoping for since he signed with us a couple of years ago. He's a guy we NEED in the squad right now. Arsene Wenger spoke about him and said he'll most likely get to start the rest of the games this year. I'm looking forward to seeing him in those games.

Also, there is more news of Juventus chasing Matty Flamster.

"This is an important player who we have been chasing for some time."

"And it will have to be good to take him because many teams are interested.

"In order to convince champions you need to take into account their ambitions. To get champions you have to think big."

Arsene has already said that he has set a deadline for Flamini at the end of this month. If he hasn't signed by them we can safely say he won't be with us next year. I've said before that I don't think he's staying and each day he doesn't sign just adds to that. I'm getting very annoyed by the way he says he wants to stay and then never signs. If you want to stay, sign. If not then just say you are pissing off to Juventus instead of leaving us hanging. It'd be much appreciated Matt.

The Reserves beat West Ham 2-0 last night and young Jack Wilshere lit up the park, scoring a goal and creating another. He's been looking very promising and remember you can get all your reserves and youth team news at Young Guns!

That's all I've got for the day. Going to watch the Chelski-Scousers borefest that is about to take place. Have a good one.


phatbastard said...

Effing Cheating Juventus cunts! Oh you've been following this important player for a while have you? So last summer when the only team that seemed interested in him was Middlesboro...where the eff were you then? Ego stroking cunts. If the loss of Flamster means Gilberto sticks around and becomes captain then it won't be a total disaster...but this sucks just the same. This coupled with Hleb...frustrating times.

Walcott to Liverpool...can't happen...it just can't...first they steal Babel and then have the nerve to ask for Walcott...if he's pissed about not playing here for a small squad what would happen in Anfield with Rafa's rotation policy...if Rafa is even there next year.

Mike said...

Interesting ending to the Chelsea-Liverpool borefest...

I was pulling for Liverpool, but I have to admit I enjoyed seeing them catch a little bad luck...I guess the Kop was sucking in own goals on this European night LOL

ArseNole said...

Yeah if I had to pick Chelski or the scousers I'd have to pick the scousers, but ideally I'd rather a giant meteor just hit stamford bridge in 8 days and take care of both problems.

I don't know why people still even want to go to Juve after all their match fixing stuff. They aren't even the best side in Italy and the Italian league is definitely not as good as the English league. It really must just be down to money, and if that's what it is then I'll be glad to see him go. We've never been a team for big egos and we aren't going to start now.

phatbastard said...

With the reports today at Sky Sport sounding like Flamster to Juve is a done deal...I thought maybe it might be the appropriate time to speculate a bit about what Arsenal's options are for next year in the holding midfielder role. I think the most obvious is just to keep Gilberto, and make him either Captain or Vice Captain. I'm not sure who else we have that could also fill that role...but off the top of my head:

Alex Song - has looked okay in central defense...not sure if he has the work rate you'd want, really haven't seen enough of him to have a firm opinion

Johan Djourou - I've never liked him in central defense, just feel like he's too small...but he showed at BC he has the skills to play in the midfield

Denilson - great player, I always think of him as a playmaker rather then a holding player

That's all I can think of...and I don't read Young Guns enough to know this for a fact...but it seems like most of our MF who are getting close to being first team candidates are either Wing or Attacking midfielders (I'm thinking of Randall, Merida, Gibbs and Lansbury). I also think it's probably point less to talk about transfer targets...I've learned my lesson in the past few weeks...nobody knows anything about what Arsene will do!

Bottom line...I wish we still had Diarra, but of our current players...I think Gilberto is the obvious choice. Thoughts?

ArseNole said...

I used your comment as the basis for my whole post today and went so far as to invite YoungGuns! to leave a comment or write a segment on the blog, so hopefully he says yes. Hope you enjoy that one, keep the discussion going!