Thursday, April 10, 2008

Flamini Out Three Weeks, Some Transfer Rumors

Morning all, I'm really tired. Interesting stuff there I know. So I'm just going to throw some stuff together and hope you all like it since I'm really not up to the task right now.

First off is news of Mathieu Flamini's injury he suffered against Liverpool. It now looks like he is going to be out for three weeks. It's an ankle injury that happened when Steven Gerrard stepped on his ankle and you could tell he was in some serious pain by the way he was taken off. Flamini seems like a guy who would play through a broken leg if he could so it must have really been a painful injury. We're definitely going to miss him against United and for the rest of the way, but hopefully he recovers faster than expected.

Second we have Jens Lehmann mouthing off again about how much better he is than Almunia and how he could have kept us from going out of the Champion's League. Yes he brilliantly saved Riquelme's penalty in the semi-final against Villareal two years ago but that does not mean he would have saved this one. The goals that were scored against us were not down to goal keeping mistakes and I don't know why Lehmann always feels the need to kick us when we're down. You want players that will try to help morale after tough defeats, not say stuff like this.

In completely different news, Dennis Bergkamp is trying to become a coach. He has applied for his coaching badges in Holland and will be allowed to get them more easily because of his 79 caps for his country. Oddly enough, before he has even found a team to start with, they have already given him 1/16 odds to be Arsene Wenger's replacement somewhere down the line. I hope Dennis does well as every Arsenal would. He's a legend and I think smart enough to do a good job. What do you think of Dennis coaching? Anyone taking the 1/16 bet?

While Arsene Wenger may not see that Theo Walcott should be starting, Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Adebayor surely do. They both praised him for his run and assist (which was bloody brilliant by the way) against Liverpool and Kolo said he thinks he will be one of the best players in England. Arsene, we're pretty much out of every opportunity for a trophy this year, can we PLEASE see Theo get a couple starts. I think we all want to see what he can do and now would be the time to get him prepared for starting next season.

And now we'll just go through a couple more transfer rumors because that's what happens this time of year after some bad results.

Today we are being linked with 21 year old Cristian Zapata, who plays for Udinese. He's a defender and supposedly they are rating him at about 15 million quid. Now I for one never ever watch Italian football so I haven't seen much of him but from what I hear he is quite a capable player and could be what we need. I think 15 million is quite a lot for a defender though as we know Arsene doesn't like shelling out a lot of cash. We shall see.

Also we've been linked with Ajax's Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. This has been a name associated with just about every big club in England, which is a problem for us. This means a bidding war, and Arsene Wenger is not going to spend more than Chelsea, Liverpool, United, or even someone like Man City. He's rated at 18 million which is a ton and I really don't see it happening. If it did I would honestly be overjoyed and possibly run out and by a Huntelaar kit right away, but I just don't think it will.

That's it for now. More tomorrow, probably a United preview. Cheers.

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Mike said...

I agree with Kolo and Ade, Theo should be starting! And at striker I think...Maybe not against United, but definitely against Derby and Sunderland.