Saturday, April 26, 2008

Robinho Arsenal's New Target?

Hello everyone, just got back from coaching my Under 7's to victory to bring us to 3-2-2 on the season. I just saw that Chelsea beat United today so we're effectively stuck in third place this season. I think that this means we may see a lot more younger players in our remaining league games, which I will enjoy but I know there are some groups of fans that feel like it's an insult to the fans to put out a weakened side. I'd love to see what players like Nordtveit and Barazite can do though. What do you think?

Another player I've heard a lot of talk about lately is Robinho. He's an interesting one. He almost signed with us two or three years ago but ended up going to Real Madrid. Lately though he hasn't been playing much for them and there is talk of him coming to Arsenal. I think his transfer fee would be about the same as Ben Arfa's so it would be a matter of who do you think brings more to the team? I like both players but I think Robinho's technical ability and versatility makes a better option. If he wants to go to Arsenal shouldn't we consider it? Tell me what you think.

Tony Adams as you probably know is currently working with Harry Redknapp at Portsmouth and his contract is up at the end of this year. He hasn't been offered a new deal there so there is talk of him coming to help out at Arsenal. I think he could really help out our defense and hopefully Wenger can work something out to bring him in because I'd love to see him back at Arsenal.

“I always tried to lead by example [at Arsenal] and get out there and make sure they realised they were playing for the Arsenal. I tried to install in the team a kind of ‘over our dead bodies’ kind of attitude.

“I just feel that people don’t realise that the best back four win the league. The last two seasons Manchester United have had the best back four and, before that, John Terry and his men were fantastic for two years.

“We’ve kept more clean sheets at Portsmouth than Arsenal have, but I’m not going to question the great man [Wenger].

“I love the club, it was part of my life for so many years and if anyone at Arsenal wants to invite me back, I’m willing to give it a shot. I’m fully prepared and willing to do what I have to do.”

That's all I've got today, sorry it's so short but it's a busy day for me. Have a good one.


Mike said...

Congrats on the win today!

I'm with you on the younger players, as a fan I'd rather see what they can do than watch our regular 11 play out the season.

I've always loved Robinho's game, so I would prefer him to Ben Arfa. I looked him up and couldn't believe Robinho was only 24. Would be a great transfer I think, but doesn't really sound like one we will make.

phatbastard said...

I'd heard we were close to landing Robinho last year...would love to get him this year...and if Hleb leaves then I don't see why we couldn't also bring in Ben Arfa...though since we've heard of both of them it probably means it won't happen. Oh well.

Tony Adams...I'm still a relatively new Arsenal fan so I don't know much about him...but from all I've heard put me down as "Yes Please!".

Well done on the win! And bring on the kids for these last games!

Al Wood said...

I posted something on a Guardian blog a few weeks ago saying I thought that Arsenal should try and get Tony Adams from Portsmouth. I didn't know he was out of contract. Look at how he has tightened up Portsmouth's defence this season. If he could do the same for Arsenal next season, then we would really be a force to reckon with. And surely he would prefer to be at Arsenal than Portsmouth?

ArseNole said...

Yes Al you would think he'd prefer to be at Arsenal, and his quotes appear to be saying just that.

phat- Tony Adams is one of the greatest ever Arsenal captains. He was tough, didn't take shite from anyone and really was a true leader. If he can bring that attitude to our current crop of defenders I think that could be more valuable than signing a new player.

As for Robinho, it doesn't seem like a typical Wenger signing, but we do have to remember that he already did bid for him once a couple of years ago so we know he is willing to try and get him