Friday, March 28, 2008

Sagna Injury is a Big Blow

Hello everybody. Not a whole ton of news before the Bolton game but obviously the biggest news is the injury to Bakary Sagna, who will be out "at least" the next three weeks. He injured it going for a clearance in the Chelsea match and we hadn't heard anything until last night when this news came out. This is a big blow for us not only in fighting for the title but also in the Champion's League which begins again next week.

Sagna has been one of most consistent players this year, along with probably Clichy and Flamini, and he is by far our best right back. If you read one of the posts from last summer, I said some very stupid things about how we didn't need another full back with Hoyte, Eboue, Clichy, Traore, Gilbert etc. Well please forgive me Bakary, you have been far more than I could have ever hoped for.

So now the debate will begin as to who should play right back for the next few weeks and maybe for the rest of the season. We'll run through the options real quick here:

1. Emmanuel Eboue - He's been playing on the wing this year but is a natural right back. Has been decent there in the past but nowhere near as good as Sagna defensively. Tends to lose his temper/mind about once per game and that is a liability. He is probably the best option of the three for getting forward though.

2. Justin Hoyte - Hoyte is a fringe player for us and rarely gets a game because we have Clichy and Sagna in front of him. He's better defensively than Eboue in my opinion but is still prone to making mistakes, probably due to lack of experience. I wouldn't mind seeing him against some weaker teams in the Premiership but I worry about him in the Champion's League against top teams.

3. Kolo Toure - Obviously Kolo is a centre back but if we put Senderos in the center and moved Kolo to the outside it would probably give us our best defensive back four out of these options. Kolo is a good defender with the speed to get forward when needed. His form has not been great lately but he usually plays well in big games and can also man-mark pretty well. Senderos was in his best form of the year while Kolo was at the African Nations Cup and while Toure was injured he kept it up. If he can regain that form than I think this is the best option for the team to go with.

Let me know what you think in the comments or at my new email address:

Several sources are linking us with former Gunner Seb Larsson. No way. Not happening. He isn't good enough and he's also a cunt. Just read what he said about Eduardo's injury.

Another player we've been linked with is Hatem Ben Arfa of Lyon. Now there is a player I would like us to buy, and Wenger seems to agree, albeit hesitantly.

It’s a player I’ve known for a long long time, and that I rate, but I’ve never heard from Lyon that he is for sale. I just wanted to say that for me he is a good player with a big talent.

I think it would be great if we could get him in. He can play attacking midfielder or out on the left wing. He'd be a nice addition but we'll see if we hear anything else about it.

And last but not least Cesc Fabregas has split from his agent because he wants to stay at Arsenal. Apparently his agent keeps trying to get him to move back to Spain but Cesc wants to stay so he let him go. Good for Cesc if that's the real reason.

That's all I've got today. Who do you think should play right back? Let me know. Cheers everyone.

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Mike said...

I'm with you on Hoyte, for whatever reason he doesn't seem to have it so I'd prefer one of the other two choices.

Generally I support any move that gets Eboue off the field, but under the circumstances he could work out ok. And if he is in the back, maybe Wenger will start Theo on the wing which I think would be good.

With Toure's inconsistent performance this season, and Senderos' (knock on wood) more or less solid work in the middle, I definitely wouldn't mind seeing Toure slide over to fullback.