Monday, March 24, 2008

Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

Birmingham - Draw
Aston Villa - Draw
Wigan - Draw
Middlesbrough - Draw
Chelsea - Loss

Those are the results of our last five league games. If you want to win the title, you cannot have that. Four total points out of a possible fifteen, not to mention that at least three of those matches (Wigan, Birmingham, Boro) were against teams we should have won against. But onto the Chelski match though.

I will confess I didn't get to watch most of it live because it was Easter and I was at my Grandma's with the rest of my family. However I have unlimited internet on my phone so I followed it on there. I did get to watch a replay of the match later but since I knew the result already it was quite painful.

I would say the game was pretty even in the first half, although not all that exciting. Ballack had a chance for them that Almunia saved, and we had a couple half chances but nothing that looked like going in. Drogba had the best chance of the first half though, with John Terry hoofing a long ball up the field that got him past our defenders and one on one with Almunia but Gallas got back and messed him up enough that the ball got away and rolled to Almunia who collected. But after the first half it was still anyone's game really and I thought we could win it.

The first goal came in the 59th minute, and it came from the most unlikely of scorers...Bakary Sagna. RvP won a corner which Cesc took and Sagna made a run to the near post, got his head on it and flicked it right in the corner. Great play by Sagna to get his first goal and at a very important time for us. You could tell how much it meant to him by his celebration and I'll have to admit I have a slight man crush on Bakary. He's such a good player. I thought we could hold on to that lead really, they had had a few chances but they never looked all that threatening and I thought the goal might have taken it out of Chelsea. Sagna injured himself on a clearance though, and Eboue ended up having to move to right back while Sagna was on the sideline.

The Chav fans starting chanting "You don't know what you're doing!" at Avram Grant when he took off Ballack and Makelele for Anelka and Beletti. Those same fans were cheering his move when a goal came almost a minute later. At the same time we brought on Diaby for the injured Sagna. The goal should have been called offside really. Anelka and Drogba were both offside when the long ball was played, Drogba passed and the ball was scrambled back in the middle of the box and fell to Drogba who blasted it into the right side of the net. Then that huge cunt decided to take his shirt off and run into the stands to celebrate.

Taking off your shirt = yellow card
Running into the stands = yellow card

So going by the rulebook Drogba should have been given two yellows and sent off correct? Guess the refs forgot their rulebook as well as their offside flags. We were wishing he had been sent off just 7 minutes later. Anelka headed the ball down into the middle of the box for Drogba and he hit it on the bounce towards the goal. Almunia got a hand to it but couldn't stop it from going into the net and it was 2-1. He almost made it a hat trick just a minute later but Almunia made a great save to stop him.

We had brought on Walcott and now we brought on Bendtner looking for an equalizer but it never looked like happening. Drogba's play had really taken it out of us and the match ended 2-1 with Chelsea taking over 2nd place in the league.

All we can really do now is asses where it all went wrong. A lot of people seem to be placing the blame on Emmanuel Adebayor, but I can't possibly see why. He's scored so many crucial goals for us this season and to blame him for our dip in form isn't right. No, he hasn't been scoring lately, but nobody else has scored ALL SEASON. Eduardo was our second leading scorer and he is gone and Cesc's goals came in the beginning of the year. Hleb doesn't score and Flamini is good for only about 3-5 a year. RvP has been out all year and since he's been back he hasn't even looked close to scoring. We have to take some of the load off of Adebayor. He's out there every match playing 90 minutes and people expect him to score every single match. He needs help from RvP, Walcott, Bendtner, and the midfielders and until we get that help then we can't throw Ade under the bus.

So the league title looks unlikely now, United are 6 points ahead of us with only a few games to go, but it isn't impossible. As we said with the Chelsea game though, we HAVE to win at United. That's the only way we have a chance.

If I could ask Arsene one question though, it'd be this: "Arsene, why won't you just buy a bloody winger?" Please Arsene, we need it.

So we play Bolton next, let's turn it around then. Cheers

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