Thursday, March 13, 2008

Adebayor on a Mission, New Kits for 08?

Morning everyone. You might have noticed I have been mysteriously absent for the past week. Then again, maybe you haven't. I've been extremely busy with my footy team, work, school, karaoke, pints, and rock band and just haven't been able to do much else. But I'm back and so let's get on with some news.

Emmanuel Adebayor says he wants to beat Cristiano Ronaldo to the title and to the golden boot as well. Personally I'd like to beat Ronaldo too, not only to the league title and the golden boot, but also with a shovel.

"As a footballer you have to have a lot of ambition. The boss says you have to take it and you cannot wait for tomorrow.

"Don't wait for next season or two years time because you never know what is going to happen. At the moment I am having a good race with Ronaldo for the Golden Boot.

"I am a striker and cannot let myself be dominated by one midfielder. He is a great player and a fantastic footballer. But I just want to prove that I can score more goals and if I can win the Golden Boot and the title there will be nothing better for me.

I know that was a really long quote but I always like when Ade speaks because he seems to always have really good, positive quotes about himself and the team.

Poor Thierry Henry. He's having a rough time of it in Spain and says being away from his daughter makes it even tougher. He's also playing out on the left instead of as a striker and he just hasn't been the same old Thierry.

This brings up my main point for this article. How does Arsene Wenger ALWAYS know when a player should be sold? Think of his record: He sold Pires to Villareal right when his decline was really starting to show, Anelka was sold for a load of cash even though he was a moody twat, and Henry and Vieira were sold right before their declines. When all of these players were sold, especially Vieira and Henry, people said we had no chance without them. And yes for a while we missed Vieira's physical presence and leadership, but we have found the physicality through Flamini and the leadership through Gallas. Henry's goals they said we would miss have come through Adebayor and Cesc and Eduardo. The point of this is that in Arsene Wenger We Trust, because he knows better than anyone what his team can do and who should stay and who should go. Thank you, Lord Wenger, for being the best manager in the world.

Speaking of Wenger, he gave his usual speech on how Arsenal has loads of money to spend but that he isn't looking to spend any of it because he likes the current squad. I like most of the squad too, but maybe we could invest on a goal keeper and one or two wingers? What do ya think?

We also have some news about Flamini's possible new deal. According to this report he's wanting more than the 50,000 pounds a week which is our salary limit for everyone but Cesc and Gallas. I really hope this isn't another Cuntley Cole situation where he leaves because he can get 55,000 somewhere else. I know everyone wants to make their money but Flamini has said he loves playing here, so please Flam, stay with us.

Last but not least, Gunnerblog reckons this might be the new kit for 08/09. Looks pretty nice, I especially like the home one. The away one not so much but it is definitely more Arsenal colors than the white ones. Have a look and tell me what you think. Could be complete rubbish of course but who knows?


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