Monday, March 3, 2008

Milan-Arsenal Preview

Hello all. Another rough result against Villa Saturday, scoring in the last minute to earn a point. That only leaves us one point ahead of Manchester United with not long to go in the season. I'm not going to bother with a match report because I'm honestly not going to worry about that match. I'll just take it as a point we didn't deserve but managed to get. We were pretty bad throughout but we didn't lose, which is important. And what else is important is the match against AC Milan Tuesday. We're at 0-0 after the first leg at the Emirates so we will have to score to go through. It should be a great game as both teams will want to score and make it through to the next round. I would think Milan will defend more than we will because if they concede an away goal they'll have serious problems. We really need to come out firing on all cylinders. I think if we score one goal we can get through, it's just a matter of getting that goal.

As far as injury news, it looks like mostly everyone is back, including Robin van Persie. It was hoped that Kolo Toure would be back but he's a bit short of fitness at the moment. Eboue can play because he is not suspended for Champion's League games, but Rosicky, Song, and Eduardo are all out.

So the lineup should look like this:


I'm not sure about the strikers. You know how Wenger sometimes likes 4-5-1 in Champion's League games so he could put Walcott or Diaby on a wing and put Hleb behind Ade in a supporting roll.

The Philippe Senderos hate club came out again after he scored an own goal in the match against Villa. Look, he's been good the past like six games he's played in. It wasn't a terrible own goal and there wasn't much he could do about it. Carew would have had a great chance even if Phil had not tried to clear it but he did and it went in. Every defender scores own goals at some point. Get off the guy's back and realize that he is a solid option for us at centre-back.

Cesc Fabregas talked to the press about how Arsenal are superior to Milan. Couldn't agree more Cesc, bunch of old cunts. I really do like Kaka though...hard not to. But this is what Cesc said:

I respect Milan, but we proved in the first leg that we were superior and we drew because we lacked luck and [Emmanuel] Adebayor hit the bar.

“I think that our style of football would permit us to shine in every league. When there is quality and togetherness, we can surpass the markers and the hard play."

Apparently some of the Aston Villa fans were spouting sick chants about Eduardo's injury and it sparked a couple of fights and led to some arrests. If I would've seen one of those twats making fun of Eduardo I would've smashed his head open too. Who makes fun of a player when he's almost had his career ended and could have lost his leg? They deserve a good kicking.

That's all I have for today. Enjoy the match tomorrow, I know I will.



Mike said...

I think we will see the 4-5-1 tomorrow. I'm never a big fan of that, but as long as Wenger goes with Walcott over Diaby I can deal with it. I don't see Diaby offering us anything at the moment. Theo is inconsistent for sure, but at least we've seen little glimpses of what he can do (like beating his man and delivering the cross that Ade wasted in the final seconds against AC Milan). Win or lose it will be fun to see our guys at the San Siro.

Mike said...


What a beautiful game.

It ended up not hurting, but that yellow card on Hleb was one of the worst calls I've ever seen.