Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day From The ArseNole

Morning all. By this time half of you lot at least that are over in Europe are probably too hammered to even read this but since it's only 9:30 am here in the States I figured I'd write this up just in case. Happy St Patrick's Day to everyone! Make it a good one.

Arsene Wenger says he is puzzled as to why the team hasn't won in their last four Premiership outings against shit teams like Birmingham and Boro. I'm pretty puzzled as well. Watching those last four games has been terrible. We've not gotten any sort of rhythm going and we kept letting in crap goals.

"I don't know [if the players feel sorry for themselves]. You can come to any conclusion. I feel they gave absolutely everything but there was a little fraction less of belief.

"There was a big disappointment in the dressing room. It was like a defeat. It is the flattest I have seen them after a game."

I don't know if they feel sorry for themselves either Arsene, but you should probably tell them that we REALLY need to win every game from here on out. C'mon lads, get it together.

Gilberto Silva has again said that he will probably be leaving Arsenal in the summer if he doesn't get into the first team. Unless something happens to Flamini (please dear God no) than I can't see any chance of that happening. Gilberto has just been a bit crap this year when he's gotten on the pitch and I can't imagine any way that he gets back out there at all the rest of this year. It's been fun Gilberto.

So it's now the second half of March and we still haven't gotten Flamini his new deal. It's becoming quite worrying and now the press has already started linking us with replacements. I wish we knew what was really going on here. Does Flamini just want more money than Arsene is willing to give him? The contract offer has supposedly been on the table but he just hasn't signed yet. We know he's heard from other clubs but he has said he wants to stay and you'd think that would outweigh a couple of thousand extra quid but maybe not. Please sign Flamini. You and Cesc are so good together.

But that's all I've got time for today really. Have a great St. Patty's day everyone.

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