Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chelsea Preview - Win Or Bust

'Ello everyone. It's a big day for us tomorrow, I think that goes without saying, but it's REALLY really important so I said it anyway. We've got Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and it's going to be a tough one but it's a match we have to take all three points from if we want to win the title. We were the last team to win at Stamford Bridge, although that isn't saying all that much since it was in 2004. Holy shite that's like four years ago. We must be due for one. Plus the whole four draws in a row thing sets us up for a win as well. Hopefully. I'm grasping for straws here but whatever.

Injury news is not so bad ahead of the match, with Eduardo, Rosicky, and Diaby being the only ones out. So the lineup in my mind should look like this:


A lot of people probably want Eboue to start because they say Walcott is better as a sub, but at some point we want him to be able to start right? So why not now? He scored his first goal for Arsenal against Chelsea in the Carling Cup final remember? He can do it.

As for van Persie, I think he owes us a goal for being out for a million years. Maybe four goals. That would be nice.

Speaking of Emmanuel Eboue, that cunt Avram Grant is still complaining about him injuring John Terry last time we played, when Eboue didn't really do anything. Then he spoke how Cuntley Cole was "very mature" because he apologized for his tackle and his treatment of the ref.

William Gallas has said that he is far happier at Arsenal than he ever was at Chelsea. He says the captain's armband has made him think of the team much more than himself and he is very proud of the honor of coming after Henry, Vieira, and Adams. I'm sure Gallas would love to get another goal against Chelsea this weekend. I'll be cheering as hard as I can for it.

There really isn't much other news about the match to be found. There is AC Milan being linked with a move for Adebayor, but as that isn't about the match I'll probably just leave that until tomorrow. So here's to three points tomorrow and hopefully three points for the scousers as well!


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