Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday News, Eduardo Update

Hello everyone. There's not a ton of news today, and most of the news that is out there are transfer rumors. I'll run through some of the ones I think are more reasonable and we'll go from there.

First we'll start with news of our mate Eduardo. He confirmed again that Martin Taylor (cunt) had not seen him face to face but did say that Taylor had come to the hospital while Eduardo was unconscious.

"Apology? There has been no apology." How can I accept an apology if I haven't seem him or spoken to him?"

"Maybe he was there when I was unconscious but I certainly did not see him that day. But if he comes to me now then I will accept an apology. I am a son of God so I will accept an apology."

He went on to discuss his current state, and it seems to me like he's doing much better.

"I feel much better, the worst is behind me, I don't feel more pain," he said. "I just want to move on."

"My days have been spent at home watching films and playing with my daughter. But I am doing more things each day."

"There are new challenges each day. I go to the Arsenal training ground. I am here at the hotel, just getting out a bit more."

So it's good to hear that his morale is up and he still gets to come to the training ground. I'm glad his recovery is going well, and by some reports it is even ahead of schedule. The Croatian National Team wants him to accompany them to Euro 2008. I hope Arsene lets him go with them. That will make him feel a lot better to be around his mates.

Gael Clichy says Arsenal can still win the title, but we have to win every game from here on out. He is absolutely right.

Young Guns has us linked with a 17 year old Irish winger named Sean Scannell. He's a U-21 international already and he's currently in Crystal Palace's first team. You can read more about him by clicking on that Young Guns link, good stuff.

Goodplaya wrote a really good bit on Gallas, who everyone seems to hate at the moment besides myself and him.

Flamini said that even though we are slumping and not looking good for the title, it has no bearing on whether or not he will stay at Arsenal or leave in the summer. This comes along with the news that AC and Inter Milan will be watching Flamini against England tonight. I really hope he stays but something has to be wrong in the negotiations, they are just taking too long for more to be comfortable with it. If he wants to say he should just sign the deal and stay. He acts like he wants to but if you want to, prove it by doing it. I'm sick of hearing a new Flamini story every day, just pick one or the other and get on with it. We've coped with losing bigger stars than him.

That's all I have time for now, but I'll be back tomorrow. Later all.


1979gooner said...

bad news as regards sagna:

such bad bad timing with the liverpool games coming up

ArseNole said...

Yes that is bad news...hopefully the report is wrong...I've been surprised by the lack of news about his injury really. I think Hoyte can do a good job though. He isn't in Sagna's class but he can do a good job if we need him to