Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tottenham 0-0 Arsenal, Eboue Costs Arsenal Again

Another North London Derby, and another draw. While not nearly as traumatic as the first match against Sp*rs this season at the grove, this one was no more fun to watch. Eboue is once again to blame, as he was sent off for two yellow cards in the first half. The second one was just a stupid, stupid thing to do, as he tried to trip Modric when Modric tripped him. They were both booked and Eboue was sent off. He's a clueless cunt that has no place in top flight football, and I really wish he would never play for Arsenal again. Every time I see him in the lineup I know it's going to be almost like playing like ten men, and this time I guess he just wanted an early bath or just wasn't feeling like playing a match at all. I can't stand him. He's a diving, cheating, mindless wanker who I wish had never stepped foot into Arsenal Football Club. It's hard enough to win derbies as it is, and having ten men for an hour of the match doesn't make it any easier.

Adebayor went off injured as well in the first half which meant Bendtner had to come on. While Adebayor hasn't been in great form, he still scores a ton of goals (8 in 8 matches) against the scum. Clichy later went off injured when that cunt Darren Bent thought Clichy's head was the ball and smashed his head into it. He went off bleeding and Kieran Gibbs came on for his Premier League debut.

I don't have time to spell out everything that happened in the match line by line, but I will point out a few things.

I thought Almunia was fantastic today. After the collapse of the defense and the goalkeeping last time against Sp*rs it was great to see such a good performance from Almunia today. I've been saying that we don't need to buy a keeper and I still don't think we need to. I think Almunia has earned his spot and see no reason why he shouldn't keep it. He hasn't gotten to play behind a great defence since he began starting between the posts, and yet he has a pretty good record. Big ups to Manuel.

I thought the defense was good in general as well. While Tottenham certainly had some chances, they were mostly long shots or half chances. We also defended the corners pretty well, which as we know is our weakest spot. Any time you keep a clean sheet after being down a man for so long, you have to say it's a good defensive performance. Kolo and Gallas may have finally found some kind of a working system because it seems to have worked well the last two matches. Let's hope it continues.

Alexandre Song, for me, stood out. When I saw him starting in the midfield next to Denilson, I'll admit I was a little bummed to see him in there. Our options in the center were limited though, so Song it was, and he did not disappoint. I thought he broke up a lot of attacks well and generally did a good job protecting the back four, but I was most impressed with his work rate. Every time I saw him he was running try to make a play, and it's something we haven't seen enough of from this team this season. If you've read my blog very often, you know that I have not been the biggest fan of Alex, but if he continues to play the way he did today, then I will be more than appreciative of his services. I think without him today we would maybe not have been able to hold on to the clean sheet, so full credit to Mr. Song.

While our attacking was certainly not what you would hope for, it's understandable in a way seeing as we are without our best player in Cesc, our true right midfielder in Theo, Adebayor went off injured in the first half, Eboue gets himself sent off, and Arshavin was not match fit yet. At eleven on eleven, we probably score the goal that gets us three points today. With Theo or Cesc in, you certainly would have liked our chances. Even if Arshavin had been ready to come on I think we may have scraped it. Nasri was good today, but there just wasn't a lot in our attacking and it's somewhat easy to see why. I think as Eduardo (who was on the bench today, woohoo!), Theo, Cesc, and Arshavin work back into the squad you'll see those goals start to pile up for us. Let's just hope the defense can stay solid when that happens.

I think, due to Eboue's absolute retardedness, that we have to count this as a point gained instead of two points lost. We're four points back of Chelsea with thirteen games to go, so it is certainly not an insurmountable deficit to get to 4th spot. That 4th spot is absolutely critical.

Leave your thoughts on the game, Eboue, or anything else. Cheers.


Joaquin said...

I never want to see Eboue on the pitch again. I would pay to see him leave the club. I am not so angry about the cards as so much as the manner in which he got them. The first he wasn't even involved in the play and got himself booked for being an annoying cunt and flapping his fucking face. 15 minutes into the match mind you. Now being booked early in the match means you need to be on your best behavior, everyone knew it was a risk especially with him for he is known for a rash tackle or two. But then to get the second booking for some stupid retaliation instead of a challenge is unthinkable. He hurt his club and his teammates and I don't believe any of them should forgive him. He is completely at fault and should fucking rot in the reserves. He will be booed again if he ever makes an appearance at the Emirates again.
Now, onto Wenger. I am sure he will use the red card as an excuse as for why he didn't bring on Arshavin or Eduardo, but frankly, that's not good enough for me. Sure a point with ten men is a decent result, but we need wins. Taking a point a fixture will not keep us in the champion's league. Once we made it to the 80th minute we had to try to nick it. Bring on either Arshavin or Eduardo, prior to the match you said they could both be involved. he said he needed to keep some defensive minded midfielders on but that's no excuse, we need results and you need to take some risks. Who would have faulted him for going for it and bringing on Arshavin but then conceding. I would have rather seen the attempt. And now I read you criticizing the red card, saying you didnt see the 2nd challenge and that the first was soft. Tell that piece of shit Eboue to fuck off back to the Ivory Coast and never come back, or sell him to spurs, they love shite defenders.

GPS Justin said...

The left and right sides while Rosicky is injured- Arshavin right, Nasri left. That's all I have to say. Sell Eboue, make us all happy again.

Bring on Arshy, Eboue was pure crap today, hope we sell him

Anonymous said...

It's funny how almost all gunners fan watching the match could see the red card coming except for Arsene Wenger. There's just no excuses for stupidity! Stupid stupid dumbass idiot! Perhaps the only comfort was the sights of the 10 lads running themselves ragged and Eduardo & Arshavin on the bench.

Andre said...

At least boue won't be on the pitch for the next match.

I've been growing to like Song a bit more lately. I think he has more potential than people usualy give him credit for. A couple years ago when he scored that ridiculous goal against Liverpool... the ball bounced off his back and he didn't even know what happened... he was a laughing stock, but in a couple years he could be the next Essien... I really believe that.

This isn't our year, but these kids wil be unstoppable if Wenger can keep them together.