Friday, February 20, 2009

Arsenal - Sunderland Preview

I titled this post wrong. It's called an Arsenal vs Sunderland Preview, but really there isn't going to be a whole lot about the match. The news today is all about Andrei Arshavin, who is probably going to make his debut tomorrow. This was something we all expected anyway so it doesn't really count as news. There isn't much that annoys me more than having multiple articles all on the same story, which isn't really even a story at all. The headlines on Sky Sports' page today:

Arshavin Set For Arsenal Bow

Wenger Ponders Arshavin Role

Sunderland vs Arsenal Preview, Arshavin Set For Debut

Is there even a point in all three of those articles being posted? They all say the same thing, that Arshy can't play against Roma so he'll get a lot of hard work in this week. He'll probably start I think, and if not then I'd expect him to play at least thirty minutes. There, I just summed up three articles for you in two sentences. That's talent.

So without going into all that Arshavin nonsense, we do have some bad news, and it is that Eduardo will be out for at least two weeks with a minor hamstring injury. It's a shame that he's hurt right away after his amazing comeback, but hopefully it won't turn into a long term injury. He's really a spark for us for the rest of the season and we need him back.

And my last piece of Arsenal news today is that Barcelona and Arsenal are arranging a friendly in the summer. It hasn't been confirmed by anything or anyone but apparently there is some discussion about it. How exciting.

So the Oscars are this weekend so everyone is talking about terrible movies winning awards. The favorites for Best Picture are Slumdog Millionaire, Gran Torino and some other shite. I've seen Gran Torino and Slumbdog Millionaire, and I thought Gran Torino was good and Slumdog sucked. But thinking about the Oscars made me think about something, and it's how the movies that I really like never are the ones to win awards. If I thought of my top FIFTY movies of all time, I would say that none of them have won an academy award. I don't really know how they judge these things. Like how did Top Gun not win like every award ever when it came out? Billy Madison, that should have won best comedy in my book. But yeah this segment really doesn't have a point but I just wanted to see if I could think of my top ten movies and see if any of them have ever won an award. So here goes.

1. Die Hard
2. Top Gun
3. Green Street Hooligans
4. Billy Madison
5. The Departed
6. Clerks 2
7. Blow
8. American Gangster
9. Lucky Number Slevin
10. Half Baked

After extensive research I have determined that the only one in the group to actually win an academy award was The Departed. So basically the judges don't have any clue about these things.

There that probably wasted at least five more minutes of your time, but feel free to leave your lists of movies or Sunderland previews or anything else. Cheers.


Andre said...

I have so many issues w/ your movie list, I don't know where to start so I'll just say it sounds like Henry is planning to retire.

ArseNole said...

So many issues with my movie list? lol everyone is entitled to their opinion mate. And nobody can argue with Die Hard.

Joaquin said...

clerks 2 over the original clerks or mallrats? Come on dude, i expect more.

Mike said...

Green Street Hooligans is great. I recently got Football Factory on Netflix because I've heard people compare it to Green Street Hooligans, but I was disappointed.

My favorite movie is Pulp Fiction, and I believe it did win Best Screenplay, but for the most part I agree with you. Movies I like never seem to win jack, and I rarely like the movies that do win.

Tomorrow morning is going to be big. I'm looking for a Villa-Chelsea draw, and then a comprehensive Arsenal win. If so, game on for 4th place.

Joaquin said...

I'm with you mike for the results today.

ArseNole said...

I swear Arsenal don't know what an early goal is anymore

ArseNole said...

And yes Joaquin, Clerks 1 was so boring it made me want to rip my fingernails off and eat them before shooting myself in the head

ArseNole said...

Poor Vela...he's looking awful

Mike said...

The UEFA Cup is just what we deserve.

ArseNole said...

I'm so frustrated by our inability to beat weaker sides. It's maddening. I think you're right mike. Without being a pessimist, I think we're looking at 5th place.