Monday, February 16, 2009

Nicklas Bendtner is an Arrogant Cunt, Usmanov Raises Stake

Morning all. It's been a while. First order of business is to tell you all that I'm growing my hair out like Sergio Ramos has his. Won't that just be pimpin? We play Cardiff today in the FA Cup 4th round replay, which is odd because they have not only drawn for the 5th round but also the quarter finals already. It's a game we should win today even with the injuries. Arshavin still won't be able to play because he wasn't registered for the first match but hopefully we'll be able to win even without him. I'd expect nothing less at home.

What I really want to talk about today is Alisher Usmanov and Nicklas Bendtner, who are both cunts. Yes, I just called an Arsenal player a cunt. Watch I'll do it again. Emmanuel Eboue is a cunt. There, twice. We'll start with Nicklas Bendtner, who never knows when to keep his mouth shut and let his play do the talking. He's about to (most likely) get a good run in the team with the injury to Emmanuel Adebayor, and instead of just trying to play well, he's gone off and run his mouth, saying he should be playing every minute of every game. There's only one problem with that Nick, and it's that all of our other strikers are much better than you.

'I'm very sorry to see Adebayor injured as we need him fit and to be playing in the league. But it does not really matter to me who is fit and available. I should start every game, I should be playing every minute of every match and always be in the team.''

Who filled his head with this nonsense? He's only scored three goals in 18 appearances this season, why on Earth would he play every minute of every match? I don't have a problem with confidence and swagger among players, in fact I support it as a needed part of the game to succeed, but this crosses the line. A lot of things in life are things where a big step is learning your place, and Bendtner has never done that. His cockiness and outright arrogance wear me almost as thin as his terrible performances on the pitch, of which there have been many. Adebayor has been in not so good of form this season, yet I'd pick him over Bendtner every time. Robin van Persie deserves a spot every game regardless of who it's against because he's been out best player for most of the season. Eduardo isn't even completely healthy yet and I'd still pick him ahead of Bendtner even before this quote came out.

Nicklas then went on to basically say he has no idea why we bought Andrey Arshavin, and indeed says he has no idea how he plays.

''I've never seen Arshavin. I did not watch Euro 2008,'' he said. ''I've no idea what sort of player he is.''
Here's an idea Nick, turn to your left or your right in training and he'll be standing near you! So not only is he completely oblivious to where he fits into the team but he's also a complete idiot. What a great combination. I used to like Bendtner and thought he had a lot of potential, but God is he not ridiculous?

Alright enough about Bendtner and on to Alisher Usmanov, the fat cunt. When last we heard from him, he owned 24.9% of Arsenal but seemed as if he was content with that as he didn't buy more shares for the greater part of a year. Well now he's back in action and today he's increased his stake to over 25% in the club. The official statement from his company Red and White Holdings read that the purchase was:

"In line with Red and White's previously stated intention to secure a significant shareholding in Arsenal and ensure that its position is protected. "We are pleased to have now secured over a quarter of the shares of Arsenal. "We are committed long-term investors and supporters of the club and are comfortable that we are now in a protected position."We also welcome the strengthening of the squad and look forward to a successful conclusion to the season."

The translation for this:

"Alisher Usmanov is a fat Usbek cunt who wants to take over Arsenal. We're going to act like we're just in this as an investment, but soon enough we'll be making a takeover bid. If your board had not signed a lockdown agreement, it probably would have already happened. If you guys liked the Abramovich thing at Chelsea, you'll looooove this. We really have no interest in the history of Arsenal or anything that the club has accomplished since 1886, we really just want to make it like Chelsea because hey, if you make all your money by sketchy means, you have to get rid of it somewhere right?"

So yeah, not good news. Thank God for that lock down agreement and let's hope it stands for a long time. That's about all I've got. Going to get some things done for a little bit and then watch the Cardiff match. Cheers.


Mike said...

Absolutely great match today. Obviously it was only Cardiff City, but we looked like Arsenal for the first time in a long time. Eduardo scoring was a truly beautiful moment. I can't believe how far he has come in the last year.

GPS Justin said...

Bendtner, is a idiotic cunt. I had already seen the story, and yes, he is crap and no way should he be in the starting 11, after Eduardo scored against Cardiff. Sell Bendtner, move Arshavin/Walcott to midfielder, and also sell Eboue, just make us all happier

Anonymous said...

Turns out Bendtner didn't say those things at all... Sadly, very few websites have noticed this/are willing to admit that they accused him of stating things that he didn't say.

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Anonymous said...

You're a fucking little cunt yourself. Go down the road and support spurs you fucking div.