Saturday, February 21, 2009

Arsenal Leaves A Sour Taste Yet Again

Our third 0-0 draw in a row in the Premiership. First time it's happened in ten and a half years. The last time that happened, I was only eleven years old. I cant remember anything more frustrating in my entire life than watching this season's Arsenal team play. When a match is at home to Sunderland, you expect Arsenal to take care of business. You know they are only going to defend, so you should be prepared for that, but in the past we've been able to beat teams like this and that is how we have won titles. Our inability to break down opponents seriously has to be right up there with shooting yourself in the leg like Plaxico Burress. It's painful and ridiculous.

Let me first start with the good. Is it just me or did Kolo and Gallas magically become the partnership that we have all hoped they could be when Gallas first got here? I know it's Sunderland and they barely attacked but three clean sheets in a row is impressive no matter who it's against. They looked comfortable with each other at the back and while they are still shaky on high balls they are still both very good defenders.

The frustrating thing, as I said, is in attack. It's bloody Sunderland. It's not Barcelona, Milan, Man United, or Chelsea. It's Sunderland, and it's a game where you have to be able to score. Vela, RvP, and Bendtner all had decent or good chances, yet none really looked like scoring. Vela especially was poor in his short cameo. I feel for him because he doesn't get to play very much but when you are paid like these players are you expect him to convert some of his chances. I thought van Persie was going to score for sure when he had his chance in the 94th minute but even he kicked it straight at the keeper. I'm not sure what the team needs really. We had Arshavin, Vela, Nasri, RvP, Bendtner all in the game as attacking players, and on paper that seems like a group that should be able to create one goal. Alex Song is certainly no help to all that, because I can pick out a pass better than he can.

I think one of the real problems is our lack of a player who can just create that magical moment like Thierry could. RvP is the closest thing we have but Thierry was someone who could get the ball anywhere on the field and take it for a goal. I can't ever see Bendtner or Adebayor having a moment like that, and I think it hurts us. We rely too much on the creativity of Cesc Fabregas for goals, and while he's been out, they have dried up.

I don't really know what else to say, just a bit frustrated again. We needed to make up ground after Villa lost today, and yet we couldn't even manage it against a weak side at home. Fifth place is starting to look like a real possibility if something doesn't click into place soon.

Leave thoughts. Cheers.


JT said...

Yeah, drawing 0-0 after Chelsea's last week draw and as you mentioned, Villa's loss, that was disappointing.

We need something to go by in our attack, somehow. Looking now, Arshy was a good buy, but is he good enough? Its our strikers, one needs to make us tick.

Anonymous said...

Arshavin still hasnt reached full fitness yet, give him time.
You say that we should be able to create the goal because the opposition isnt barca, milan, manutd, juve, or any other big team. I have to say i disagree with you there. these large teams are more open since they are alwaqys looking to score against you as well and thats why we can open them up. You can sea from the ManU and Chelsea games this season.
However, this is quite frustrating now and we need cesc, theo and eddy back fast!

Andre said...

Selling Bentdner and getting a new, stronger striker is what AW needs to do over the summer. I think that's needed even more than a defensive midfielder.

I wonder what Djourou (sp?) would be like as a DM. I'm not as down on Song as most people, but a new, stonger striker and a ore reliable DM ould really make a difference.

JT said...

Actually, sell Eboue and Bendtner- Eboue's not really good enough for us, and Bendtner isn't creative. Move Walcott down to midfield, i think, and in times like these move him to striker. But would that work??

ArseNole said...

Justin, agree with you. Sell Bendtner and Eboue. Can't stand either of them. I also think that Walcott is more effective on the wing at this point. Maybe one day he'll play at striker full time but right now for me wing is his spot.

Andre- We have seen Djourou as a DM before, albeit briefly. He played the last two games of last season at DM and played well, although the lineup was weak and I believe we drew with Portsmouth and someone else. He can do the job pretty well but I think he's the eventual replacement for William Gallas