Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Arsenal - Roma Champions League Preview

It's finally back. The Champions League if finally back! It seems like it's been ages since the group stages but it's finally time to resume and it starts off tonight against Roma. Is it a big match? Huge. Is it a match we can win? Certainly. It's one of our only chances for silverware this season, along with the FA Cup, so this should be taking a high priority right now. We haven't won in four league matches but hopefully we come out fighting tonight and go for the win.

The injury list is long yet again: Eduardo, Cesc, Adebayor, Theo, Rosicky, and Silvestre are all out with injuries. Andrey Arshavin is ineligible for the rest of this year's competition, but Abou Diaby is fit and could make a start. Arsenal.com says he may play as a deep lying striker, but I hope not.

Arsene Wenger confirmed we'll be going all out for the win though, saying:

“We will play with two strikers,” Wenger confirmed. “I haven’t decided if we play 4-4-2 or not but we will play with two strikers. We go for it. It is as simple as that.
Roma are a strange team, capable of getting very good results at times and other times looking like the worst team to make the Champions League. If anyone watched that 7-1 beating that Man United put on them a couple of years ago you'll know what I mean. I wouldn't mind a 7-1 victory for us tonight but in the grand scheme of things I'd take a 1-1 probably. We just need to get a bloody goal.

My guess at the formation would be this:


So I'm thinking a 4-5-1 even though Wenger said a 4-4-2, although this is kind of like a 4-4-2 since Diaby will sort of be in the Bergkamp role.

The match is in two hours or so. I have 2 hours and 10 minutes of Arsenal music on my computer. If I start playing it now I'll get properly done just before match time. I also have to rock every piece of Arsenal clothing I have. It's just matchday routine. I'll take us to draw 1-1, but a 0-0 wouldn't surprise me in the least. I'd love to pick us to win, but I just haven't seen it lately. I hope I am proven wrong though. Come on you Gunners!


Mike said...

I'm in class at the moment, and also rockin an Arsenal shirt.

0-0 would be fine with me. If we can get that today, we can get some guys healthy and hopefully score a goal in Rome to win it.

Come on Arsenal!

Andre said...

Nasri was fantastic again... RVP and the defense were strong. Bentdner as out of his element (hcih may always be the case when he's playing top tier football) and Eboue was alright until his ridiculous miss... what was that? I knew when I realized t was him that it wasn't going to go in though. He's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

This is the 27th of Feb, and Mr Arsenole's birthday.
So Happy Birthday!!!

PS: You can find a lot of things out on the internet....

ArseNole said...

I don't know how you know that Anon, but yes, today is my birthday. Off to Orlando for the celebration.

GPS Justin said...

I actually posted the Anon 512 comment- and all hats off to the Arsenole!!

I found that out by typing Arsenole on google- then it came up with something saying '27 Feb- Happy birthday, Arsenole!'
That's how I found out.

Happy 22nd!!- from your myspace account........

GPS Justin said...

4th 0-0 in a row, when is this going to end???

Once again, one we should have won, but didn't. How many times have I said that on my blog?