Monday, February 2, 2009

1 Hour To Get Arshavin Deal Done, Big Transfer News Of The Day

Morning all. The Premier League extended the transfer window this morning, and it should go to about 5:00 pm London time. That gives us one hour to finalize the Arshavin deal, or any other deals we could possibly be making (good one I know). Reports say that Arshavin took a private jet into London to try to work out a deal, but his wage demands were too high and we broke off negotiations with him, but he couldn't leave because of the snow storm. Apparently the deal is back on now as of an hour ago, going by this article:

"The on-off-on-off-on-off transfer of Andrei Arshavin from Zenit St Petesburg to Arsenal is back on and "very close" to conclusion, according to Sky Sports. There is plenty of time for the £15m-ish deal to be off and back on again before the transfer window closes."

I've heard that Arshavin is asking for about 90,000 quid a week, which has to be about triple what Zenit pay him. I think he's mental if he thinks we're going to pay him that, and really don't want us to bother with him if those are his demands. I want signings for sure, to improve the squad, but not at that cost for that player in that position.

There is a slim possibility that we have put in a 7 million pound bid to Sp*rs for Giovanni Dos Santos, best friend of Carlos Vela. Two bids were accepted by the scum, one from Portsmouth, which has now collapsed, and one from an unknown club. I don't think it's us but as long as we have connections to the player then it wouldn't shock me.

Robbie Keane looks set to head back to the Lane for 15 million pounds, as Tottenham continue to buy all of their former players. Maybe next they will bring back Berbatov too, and Sol Campbell. Rafa Benitez only gave him six months at Liverpool before opting to sell him, and we've seen a lot more of that lately, like with Diarra last year for us.

I'm going to try to keep this undated every hour on the hour today so everyone is up to date with all the big happenings. Cheers all.


Mike said...

I cannot stop laughing at Spurs. Sell off the whole team in the offseason, and then buy them all back in January? LMAO

It's like they do things solely to entertain opposing fans. Oh well, I better enjoy it while I can because they will probably beat us this weekend.

ArseNole said...

Can't believe we wait all of January and still can't sign anybody at all. Makes me sick.

davo said...

Skysports deadline day clockwatch:

"18.50 Arsene Wenger has told Sky Sports News that Arsenal will make a "positive" announcement on the Andrei Arshavin saga this later evening."

WTF does that mean! Arshavin/zenit are a pain in my backside. I'm cheering any other team on against zenit from now on.

Don't even want him THAT much just fed up of all this bullshit and bored because we have signed NO ONE.